Risk of Rain 2 – All Legendary Items (Red) List

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Risk of Rain 2 – All Legendary Items (Red) List

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Legendary Items (Red)

Brilliant Behemoth

  • All of your attacks explode in a 4m (+1.5m per stack) radius for a bonus 60% damage to nearby enemies.

Brilliant Behemoth

  • All of your attacks explode in a 4m (+1.5m per stack) radius for a bonus 60% damage to nearby enemies.

Ceremonial Dagger

  • Killing an enemy releases homing daggers.

Frost Relic

  • Killing an enemy surrounds you with 3 icicles that deal 3×33% damage.

Happiest Mask

  • Killing enemies has a 10% chance to spawn a ghost of the killed enemy with 500% damage. Lasts 30s (+30s per stack).

H3AD-ST v2

  • Increase jump height. Creates a 10m radius kinetic explosion on hitting the ground, dealing 2300% base damage that scales up with speed. Recharges in 10 (-50% per stack) seconds.

N’Kuhana’s Opinion

  • Store 100% (+100% per stack) of healing as Soul Energy. After your Soul Energy reaches 10% of your maximum health, fire a skull that deals 250% of your Soul Energy as damage.
  • Requirements: Find the Altar to N’Kuhana. (In the swamp map, below the edge of the cliff – Right below the huge carved piece of stone that hangs out over the edge.

Unstable Tesla Coil

  • Fire out lightning that hits 3 (+3 per stack) enemies for 200% base damage every 0.5 seconds. The Tesla Coil switches off every 10 seconds.
  • Requirements: Deal 5000 damage in one shot.

57 Leaf Clover

  • All random effects are rolled +1 times (+1 per stack) for a more favorable outcome.
  • Requirements: Complete 20 stages in one run.

Sentient Meat Hook

  • 20% (+20% per stack) chance on hit to fire homing hooks at up to 10 (+5 per stack)enemies for 100% damage.
  • Requirements: Loop back to the first stage.

Alien Head

  • Reduce skill cooldowns by 25% (+25% per stack).

Soulbound Catalyst

  • Kills reduce equipment cooldown by 4s (+2s per stack).
  • Requirements: Discover and activate 8 unique Newt Altars.

Dio’s Best Friend

  • Upon death, this item will be consumed and you will return to life with 3 seconds of invulnerability.
  • Requirements: Stay alive for 30 consecutive minutes.

Hardlight Afterburner

  • Add +2 (+2 per stack) charges of your Utility skill. Reduces Utility skill cooldown by 33%.

Wake of Vultures

  • Gain the power of any killed elite monster for 8s (+5s per stack).


  • Upon killing an elite monster, enter a frenzy for 3s (+2 per stack) where skills have no cooldowns.
  • Requirements: Defeat an Elite boss on Monsoon difficulty.

Rejuvenation Rack

  • Increase all healing received by 100% (+100% per stack).
  • Requirements: Without healing, reach and complete the 3rd teleporter event.

This is the ending of All Legendary Items (Red) List guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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