Risk of Rain 2 – All Common Items (White) List

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Risk of Rain 2 – All Common Items (White) List

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Common Items (White)

Soldier’s Syinge

  • Increases attack speed by 15% (+15% per stack).

Tougher Times

  • 15% (+15% per stack) chance to block incoming damage. Unaffected by luck.
  • Requirements: Die 5 times.

Monster Tooth

  • Killing an enemy spawns a healing orb that heals for 10 (+5 per stack) health.

Lens-Maker’s Glasses

  • Your attacks have a 10% (+10% per stack) chance to ‘Critically Strike’, dealing double damage.

Paul’s Goat Hoof

  • Increases movement speed by 14% (+14% per stack).
  • Requirements: Fail the Shrine of Chance 3 times in a row.

Bustling Fungus

  • After standing still for 2 seconds, create a zone that heals for 4.5% (+2.25% per stack) of your health every second to all allies within 3m (+1.5m per stack).


  • Deal 150% (+30% per stack) damage to enemies above 90% health.
  • Requirements: Discover 10 unique white items.

Tri-Tip Dagger

  • 15% (+15% per stack) chance to bleed an enemy for 240% base damage.


  • On level up drop a banner that strengthens all allies within 16m (+8m per stack). Raise attack and movement speed by 30%.

Cautious Slug

  • Increases passive health regeneration by 250% (+150% per stack) while outside of combat.

Personal Shield Generator

  • Gain a 25 (+25 per stack) health shield. Recharges outside of danger.


  • Heal for 10 (+10 per stack) health 1.1 seconds after getting hurt.
  • Requirements: Defeat an Elite-type monster.


  • Killing an enemy ignites all enemies within 12m (+4m perstack). Enemies burn for 150% (+75% per stack) base damage.

Stun Grenade

  • 5% (+5% per stack) chance on hit to stun enemies for 2 seconds.

Bundle of Fireworks

  • Opening a chest launches 8 (+4 per stack) fireworks that deal 300% base damage.
  • Requirements: Duplicate the same item 7 times in a row with a 3D printer.

Energy Drink

  • Sprint speed is improved by 30% (+20% per stack).

Backup Magazine

  • Add +1 (+1 per stack) charge of your Secondary skill.
  • Requirements: Fully charge a teleporter without getting hit.

Sticky Bomb

  • 5% (+2.5% per stack) chance on hit to attach a bomb to an enemy, detonating for 250% damage (+125% per stack).

Rusted Key

  • A hidden cache containing an item will appear in a random location in each stage. (Increases rarity of the item per stack.)
  • Requirements: Defeat the teleporter boss in under 15 seconds.

Armor-Piercing Rounds

  • Deal an additional 20% damage (+10% per stack) to bosses.
  • Requirements: Complete a teleporter event.

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