Ring of Elysium – Police Event / Murder Case Locations

1. Event period: January 2nd – January 15th, Pacific Standard Time.

2. There will be seven stages in this event, each stage lasts for two days, players can click on the profile on each stage and look at the clues in our dedicated webpage, each clue will describe an in-game location for players, players can then go to the corresponding location and interact with the item in that location, obtaining the unlock code.

3. Each stage will have three clues, after players enter a round of game, the unlock code will randomly generate in one of the three locations, players can enter the unlock code on the webpage after they obtain it in-game to unlock the profile of the current stage, and complete that stage’s mission.

4. If the stage is already passed and players did not successfully unlock the profile, then the profile content will be automatically revealed to all players after that stage passes, but the mission will not be automatically completed.

5. After the event ends, players will be able to earn the corresponding rewards based on how many stage profiles they have completed.

6. Non-seasonal rewards will be sent to players within 7 business days after the event ends, the S2 mysteriuous reward will be sent to players within 7 days after the Season two launches.

If you are new in this game take new skins with my referal code 2ATSBGLBC13Z.


Some people is saying the 2 mysterious items for the next Season2 are new characters!

Case No.001 Vampire in the Snow

1. Sidera Lodoicea Ski Resort has its own bus to transport the tourists in different regions in the mountains, and it’s free as well.

Look inside the bus.

2. Do you know what’s the name for the Ski Resort’s mascots? The Snowy Brothers, how lame is that?! And the one on the top of the tourist center is the older brother, apparently.

Up on the hat!

3. Do you know what’s the most exciting thing to do at the Ski Resort? Drinking some coffee and on the benches at the end of the Ski slopes while you watch the snowboarders charge to you at full speed.

You must go to all locations and if you find the code you will see anything like that.

Click and copy to clipboard, then go to Ringofelysium.com, login with your ROE name and paste at the code window.

Case No.002

1. Apparently, the mayor of Ring Mountain City really likes the obelisk those Europeans got from Egypt, so he decided to get one for himself and place it right in front of his office, he even made the top completely flat just to set himself apart.

Try to land in this place bro.

2. Ring Mountain City has the flagship store of the biggest donuts chain in Dione, I really dig their logo, that huge donut.

3. I really hate going to the Ring Mountain City Hall to handle businesses, you have to make an appointment for everything! Then you gotta wait at the gigantic lobby that is completely exposed to the outside, even with the heat on, it’s still freezing has hell.

Look this strange sofa.

Case No.003

Case No.004

Case No.005

Case No.006

Case No.007


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