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Whiners List

The Multiplayer whiners

Those whiners are one of the most common whiners on the steam discussions. They want multiplayer so badly.

There are two subcategories of multiplayer whiners:

– The “No-Mods” type

They come to the forums with or without knowledge that a mod already exists for this kind of stuff. If they don’t know it exists normal people will most likely link the mod. After that OP usually says something along “But I want it officially it will be more stable!!!!!”
They ignore all the reasons normal people post on why multiplayer will never be officially in the game and still whine about wanting it to be officially made by Tynan.

– The “Multiplayer?” type

They come to the forums in order to seek knowledge about multiplayer being/not being developed and if there is a mod for it. People link the mod and the person (usually) thanks them and goes back to playing.

The Achievements guys

Those guys will always, ALWAYS say that achievements are the best and should be added to the game. They’ll ignore anything you tell them, even the link to Tynan saying his opinion on achievements in Rimworld.

The “Game is too hard” guys

Those guys will whine about losing a fight against something or someone. For example 1 club man vs 3 of his people.

They’ll also complain about colonists shooting their own people (lol bad placement) and pawns ignoring all tasks (bad setup of work priorities)

The Poor Guys

They’ll complain about the game being too expensive and no sales.

There are two subcategories:

– The people asking for a sale
Not much to say. They ask for a sale and they don’t get it anyways.

– The people DEMANDING a sale and calling Tynan a greedy B
Toxic people. Please IGNORE.

The Weak Trolls

They think they are funny but they are not. They spam the forum with useless and boring posts. Weak trolls I say. A good troll can’t be detected.

The “Help game is broken” guys

They come to the forums seeking help or even complaining that the game is broken. Then, people find out OP has 200+ mods. Then, after people point that out to him usually OP will defend himself and still blame the game

~Suggested by ⌛➡☕

The “Daddy Issues” Guys

They attack personally and insult Tynan Sylvester who spent years on developing his game because they don’t like a certain feature

~Suggested by Preechr

The “Game takes forever to load” guys

On deep investigation, they have 300++ mods. All loaded in random order, no organization. They don’t even *recognize* features from mods they have.

~Suggested by M.K

The “But we could have” type

Typically found gathered in places of a public nature, creatures of this category often make passing remarks, or direct demands, to have someone change something. Often an argument is presented that the change in question will be easy or make the system better. The unfortunate reality, however, is that the sheer magnitude and scope of what they are suggesting escapes them.

~Suggested by garth033

The “What mods to download” guys

Not whiners, but definitely worth putting them in here. 99% of comments to those replies will be “play vanilla”

~Suggested by Monoxide

The “Back seat coders”

A particularly boisterous creature, always ready to defend its opinion at the drop of a hat. This creature is particularly ready to point out the flaws and shortcomings of the system, and do so in a manner as to puff itself up as a leader or hero. Typically these flaws are well known, but that won’t stop this creature, no, instead it will parade about as though to stum up an army to force the system to address the problem. Boasting loudely that it knows better, or that the system is incompetent. It is to the great dismay of this creature that it is often shut down by peers of greater knowledge.

One piece of advice would go a long way in this creatures life. “It is better to keep ones mouth shut and let the world think you a fool than to open it and prove the world right.”

~Suggested by garth033

The ‘Fake Inquiry’ Trolls

They post on steam forums asking why Rimworld got so many positive reviews.

For example, there was a thread where OP described a situation about his colonist bleeding and then going into a confused daze.
OP had some options to try and stop his colonist from dying, yet he didn’t do anything.
Those options were:
– arresting the colonist
– waiting until he drops unconscious from bleeding and then treating him

OP says “Before people tell me this is not a survival game its a story telller….
imagine you tell that story someone. A bleeding colonist is running around of all his friends and all see him bleeding out but no one can help him cause the game doesnt allow to do that. Ultra nice story”

It can be easily explained. The colonist went into a mental break and you can basically roleplay it as “NO DON’T COME NEAR ME YOU MONSTER” while others try to help him. What would you do in real life?
a) Try to calm him
b) Go with force (this is done when someone who is drowning keeps “attacking” the rescuer. The rescuer will often use force (slap or something to stun the guy) which is exactly what arresting a colonist is for.

~Suggested by FatalCharm

The “Ugh all these trolls” guys

A whiner who dismisses critique of their asinine request as “people trolling”.

~Suggested by Dankest Dave

The “This forum is full of whiners” guys

This is an encyclopedia after all, so all types should be here and this one is no excuse!

The name says it all. This term is appriopriate for me and many other people.

~Suggested by M.K.

The “Z-levels” guys

They come to the forum, often describing another game that has Z-levels and then telling everyone how cool would it be if Z-levels were a thing ignoring how hard would it be to actually implement it.
Some people disagree, some people give a link to a mod that allows people to make “underground” bases when in reality it’s just a new map with rock walls everywhere.

~Suggested by stecph

The Graphics Trolls

“I normally love these type of games but the simplistic graphics put me off buying this, is there a mod which allows 3d graphics?” this is the most commong phrase they say. No need to comment further.

~Suggested by Triggerhippy


This is the ending of RimWorld – Whiners List guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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