Rescue HQ The Tycoon – How to Solve Bankrupt and End of game

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How to Solve Bankrupt End of game

In Rescue HQ you build, organize and manage a joint station for the three emergency departments fire brigade, police and ambulance. With limited budget you will be facing tough decisions and extensive emergencies that will need your immediate attention. During all of that you will further develop your HQ, hire new crew members and provide them with all the vehicles and equipment they need.


For example, you have $158,000 and it says you’re bankrupt, End of game. So you wonder how can you be bankrupt with $158,000?

All your operating costs are deducted at the end of the week when the report pops up. If you have less money in the bank than needed you are declaired bankrupt. For that reason the report has the option to get an extra grant from the city or convert reputat

How to Solve the Bankrupt and End of Game

First, let us warn that this is an issue devs. work on.

What most likely happened is that you have 158k funds but at the end of the week you had salary / maintanance costs etc. that were higher and couldn’t be covered by the city loan or swaping reputation to $.

That results in a lose.

The finances tab in the upper left is turning red if that is the case.

If you click on it you will see your perceived balance for the upcoming week and can check whether you are on track. Hope that helps for now.


Basic advice is “Don’t build anything until you actually need it”, so early on don’t hire more staff than you need for the emergencies, only build the toilets/kitchens/etc. you need for the current staff. Also some expensive items are useless early on, example is the evidence storage and processing, you only start getting evidence late in the game, until then it’ll be a waste of money.

This is the ending of Rescue HQ The Tycoon – How to Solve Bankrupt and End of game guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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