Remnant: From the Ashes The Ent Boss Fight Guide

Remnant From the Ashes game guide focuses on How to Fight Ent Boss and how to beat the ent boss Guide. The guide will give you basic tips and tricks to fight and beat the Ent Boss. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

The Ent Boss

The Ent is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes. The Ent is a dungeon/world boss that is located in the Earth/Yaesha/Rhom realm. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated to progress the game and to acquire special items and gear.

The Ent is the biggest enemy you’ll face in Remnant From the Ashes up to this point. You’ll enter the massive arena and see this enemy as a tree come to life. Like most bosses in Remnant, this one has multiple attack patterns to learn as well as the ability to spawn different types of minions.

The Ent Location


This boss is semi-optional. Either this boss, or Singe will spawn in a world.

The Ent Rewards:

Spore Gland

The Ent Boss Fight


Fire-Fire stacks up easily on this boss.

A weak point is exposed on it’s back during some attacks.

  • Special Breaks

If you ignore the weak point you can focus on one of it’s legs to get a special weapon and near enough negate half of the last phase. Just focus on the leg instead of the weak point.


The attacks the boss will do during this phase is –

  1. Forward Slam

The forward slam is an attack when The Ent uses both of his arms to attack the ground releasing a lined shock-wave in front of it. It reveals to weak point on it’s back during this attack.

How to combat: The best way to combat this move is to roll into it at the last moment because your roll frames are at the start of your roll. If you do this correctly then you will have time to attack the weak point on it’s back getting in some free damage. You can side walk it, but it is difficult and unreliable.

  1. Leg Stomp

The Ent stomps the ground causing a large AOE shock-wave.

How to combat: Like the forward slam you can roll in, the timing on this one seems to be more forgiving that the forward slam. There is sadly no punish for this ability, but it does clear all the mobs currently in the AOE so it can be helpful.

  1. Right Arm Forward Swing

The Ent melee attacks with it’s right arm when you are within close range.

How to combat: The best way to avoid this move all together is to no get close, however if the move does happen, roll into the right arm at the last possible moment because the hitbox is massive.

  1. Passive: Every 10-15 seconds 2 exploding enemies will drop.

How to combat: Kill them as soon as possible. A accurate side arm or Primary is recommended.


During phase one as soon as you enter the arena The Ent will always do a Forward Slam. Punish this move and then continue to fire at it. Kill any exploding mobs that spawn and continue to fire at it until stage 2. This stage of the fight is fairly easy.

DO NOT roll the exploding enemies as you can be punished for doing this. Roll is a last resort against exploding enemies.


This phase activates when the boss is near 3/4 of it’s health.

Changes –

  1. The boss might mix up it’s forward slam with two forward slams. If you do not see it’s back open then another forward slam is coming (needs confirming).
  2. The boss has a chance to spawn 3 exploding enemies now.


This phase is not too much different than phase one. Some people might not even notice the transition. Just keep an eye out for the double forward slam.


This phase activates when the boss is near 5/8 of it’s health.

Changes –

  1. (New attack) Mortar Fire

The boss leans down with it’s arm on the floor and fire projectiles that can inflict a status effect from it’s back. It is revealing it’s weak point throughout this entire attack. It will be spawning 3 exploding enemies during this attack at a rapid rate.

How to combat: Do not run during this attack. Time your dodges for the mortar shots and fire at it’s weak point while making sure the exploding enemies do not come close by shooting the exploding enemies. This is a way to get a massive amount of damage in.


The boss will now use it’s new move “Mortar Fire” and this is a time to start getting a lot of damage in. The rest of the moves are still the same.

PHASE FOUR aka – Kill it fast phase.

This phase is the last phase which activates when near half health.

(It’s trying to gank you now. Punish this casual for summoning help)

Changes –

  1. (New attack) “SCRE!”

It, quite literally, will screech out for it’s small gremlins with axes to kill you. It will also stun you for a short amount of time. Try not to be near a exploding mob at this time cause that would be bad.

How to combat: Always focus the gremlins or you will get overwhelmed very quickly. You can use the exploding mobs to kill them as well. Closest ones first. Use a weapon that one shots them or you will have a bad time.


It’s now a race for the clock. You will get hurt during this phase, unless you are a god, so it’s time to get aggressive. Use any damage buffing items you have and go ham.

There will always be this cycle.

Screech -> Mortar fire -> Pause for a nanosecond (repeat).

This will kill you eventually so now it’s time to focus it down. Good news is Mortar fire is a good way to get damage in…if there is nothing else distracting you.

Kill the mobs as fast as possible before Mortar Fire or you will very likely die. There is no questioning that. Then during Mortar Fire, kill the exploding mobs while dealing massive damage to the bosses weak point. Repeat this until it’s dead. (congrats, you killed it…easier said than done).

Gear to use:

Best gear to use for this fight is very easily to come across.

Primary Weapon: Hunting Rifle – Accurate, fast and damaging. Best of all worlds. Reload whenever possible.

Secondary Weapon: Repeater Pistol or Submachine gun. Both have large ammo magazines and do a surprising amount of damage quickly. Use Repeater pistol if you are struggling with the Gremlings and Submachine gun if you are struggling with the exploding mobs.

Armor/Armour: Hunter gear. Best because you need to hit those crits and the armor/armour is light. (It’s just a really good armor/armour set)


Frenzy Dust – For the last phase

Oilskin Tonic – For the status effect. Use one before hand if you don’t want the build up to be so bad.

Ammo Box – Because you will run out of ammo. Trust me.

Optional Items: Mudtooth Stew and Mudtooth tonic – If you can get your hands on these, use them if you are struggling.

This is the ending of remnant: From the Ashes The Ent Boss Fight Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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