Rage 2 How to Kill Immortal Shrouded (Tips & Tricks)

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How to Kill Immortal Shrouded

They can absorb so many bullets. Immortal shrouded are so tough, what’s the best tactic to kill them is in here:

Firestorm Revolver:

You can upgrade the Firestorm Revolver and it rips through them.

Still takes like a couple of shots.

It really helps with picking them off at a distance

Slam and Shatter

You can also upgrade Slam and Shatter to rip off their armor.

On Shatter make sure you get the CD reduction and able to store 1 extra charge, makes dealing with them a lot easier.

For Slam make sure you take all the range, CD reduction and dmg upgrades.

Upgrading Vortex can be really nice for the huge range to pull in mobs to hit with a giant Slam You can also add a Vortex like an effect to Slam.


You can also upgrade Dash with the ability to do a powerful melee attack right after Dash.

It can be kinda hard to pull off until you get used too it .

It shreds armor, also your basic melee attacks do pretty well.

You can even upgrade your melee attack.

Basically if you’re only playing the game with the guns you’re kinda doing it wrong. Use the powers and stronger weapons.

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  1. Skyfire_swe Reply

    I also recommend using the Hyper cannons charged shot. When fully upgraded it’s great.

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