Queen’s Quest 5: Symphony of Death All Collectible Locations

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A few months after stopping the intrigue of the evil queen and saving the fairy-tale land of Netherfall, King Robert asks for your help once again. This time the stakes are even higher. Children are disappearing from the capital and the suspicions fall on the local Pied Piper, playing his mesmerizing melodies. However, it quickly turns out that he is not the only one who came to the city and the case is much more complicated… and dangerous.

Equipped with your magical elixirs and talent for transformation, you set on a journey full of mysteries, twists and turns to face the sinister virtuoso of crime and a vindictive melody.

Take on the role of a distinguished, shapeshifting alchemist, who thanks to a keen mind and cunning, is also the best detective in Netherfall. Remove the curse, save the happiness of the young lovers and rescue the children!

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All Collectibles

Guide showing location of all collectibles in the game.

All collectibles in order

Our Home


Throne Room

Town Square

Sheriff’s Office

Upper Town

Crime Scene

Mouse Den

Doctor’s Office

Entrance to the City

Silverclaw Manor

Behind the House

Entrance Hall


Work Office




In Front of the Shack

Inside the Shack

Behind the Shack

Under the Shack

Secret Lair

Bat’s Cave

Empty Streets

Slum Streets

Abandoned Carriage Station

Entrance to Old Library

Old Library

Side Room


Under Room

Artifact Room

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