Quake II RTX Cheats Codes and Console Commands

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How to Open Console Command and Rebind

Cheats Codes and Console Commands

* “flt_taa_variance” – controls the aggressiveness of the neighborhood clamping of the TAA history (lower is more aggressive). Setting this lower makes the TAA sharper and less prone to ghosting but also increases aliasing and noise. Default is 1.0, strongly suggest setting to 0.5 to substantially reduce TAA ghosting without too much impact on the TAA quality.

* “flt_taa” – default is 1, setting to 0 disables TAA. Not generally recommended, but can be fun to experiment with.

* “pt_fake_roughness_threshold” – determines when to display true path-traced specular vs a faked but less noisy specular shader. Default is 0.25, higher increases the path tracing influence, setting to 1 disables the fake specular entirely. Generally recommend leaving at 0.25, but if you’re playing without the denoiser for some reason I strongly suggest setting this to 1 or a fair bit of the specular lighting will be missing.

* “flt_antilag_lf” – determines the antilag filter strength for the indirect diffuse channel. Default is 0.2, recommend changing to 1 to reduce temporal lag in some circumstances.

* “flt_min_alpha_color_lf”, “flt_min_alpha_moments_hf” – both default to 0.01, recommend changing both to 0.1 to reduce temporal lag in some circumstances.

* “pt_texture_lod_bias” – determines the LOD bias for all textures. Lower results in sharper but noiser textures, especially in the distance. Default is 0.5, I use 0, recommend experimenting and finding what you consider to look best (note that this can be given a negative value for still sharper results).

* “flt_scale_hf”, “flt_scale_lf”, “flt_scale_spec” – these scale the influence of the three kinds of light. All default to 1, which is recommended for best quality. Nonetheless, it can be fun to experiment with setting some of these to 0 to isolate specific lighting channels. For instance, if you set flt_scale_hf (scale of the direct lighting channel) and flt_scale_lf (scale of the indirect diffuse channel) to 0, you will only see specular lighting.

* “cl_adjustfov “1” – set proper widescreen support(Hor+). Weapon model becomes like in original 4:3 resolution, otherwise it’s cut from below. Need to put “seta cl_adjustfov 1” into autoexec.cfg, because it’s not saved in config.

* “sun_animate” – Speed of sun movement. If set to 20 it will make whole circle in about one minute. Sun position must be set to “manual” for this to work.

* “bind f12 screenshotpng” – take PNG screenshots instead of JPG by pressing F12.

* “m_pitch -0.022” – invert mouse.

* “”notarget” – foes don’t attack you unless you attack them first.

* “nomonsters 1”, followed by “newgame” – reloads the map without foes.

This is the ending of Quake II RTX Cheats Codes and Console Commands guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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