Prey How to Spawn Bots in Multiplayer

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How to Spawn Bots in Multiplayer

Prey was released back in 2006 by 3D Realms. It had a colourful development history that spanned many years. It was made on the Id Tech 4 engine. One of the benefits the engine had was it allowed you to code in bots to play multiplayer with. Neither Doom 3 nor Quake 4 had this at launch. But for some reason Prey 2006 did.

Spawning bots is very easy to do but requires specific steps that are outlined below.


Step 1.

Open the console by pressing Ctrl+Alt+ ~ (the key above the tab button right next to 1.)

Step 2.

Type into the console “net_allowCheats 1 3”

Step 3.

Go to multiplayer, select the middle tab “Create Server” and under “Server Type” toggle the word “internet” so it says “LAN” instead.

Step 4.

Press create

Step 5.

When in the server. Type in spawnArtificialPlayer

And that’s it. By default you can only spawn a maximum of 3 bots unless you create a dedicated server. At which point you can spawn a lot of bots.

This is the ending of Prey How to Spawn Bots in Multiplayer guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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