Post Scriptum vs Hell Let Loose Guide

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Post Scriptum vs Hell Let Loose Guide. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

The Summer Sale’s just started on Steam and you may wonder which game is better. Here is a quick comparison Post Scriptum and Hell Let Loose.

Post Scriptum vs Hell Let Loose

Well don’t expect good performance out of post scriptum as you will be getting around 30-50 fps on a midrange pc 20-30 on a low end and if you have a high end expect 40-60. There aren’t a ton of post scriptum players, but there are enough to keep 2-4 servers full at all times and all you need for this game is 1 full server.

The gameplay focus is set on teamwork and building up objectives similar to squad and defending or attacking said objectives.

The gameplay is slow in pace and includes time which in some case can be 20-30 real life minutes of no action waiting for the enemy if you happen to be at a back spawn preparing or if you get left behind and the action has passed you (happens when a team is getting stomped)

The game also doesn’t have quite as good graphics but very comparable since while HLL has better terrain textures post has better lighting effect and are pretty close, but i would say due to the sound alone paired with the slower gameplay post is more immersive

The community is usually pretty nice so long as you listen to the squad leaders and commanders and learn about the game before taking on those roles as there is tactics involved when it comes to winning and the team that plans and communicates the best usually wins.

This game is a niche game with a slow pace and is one of the most realistic games for wwii on the market down to the waiting and base building with a few concessions made for the sake of gameplay…anyway hope this helps. I enjoy it and even prefer it to HLL, but I am also part of the niche that this game is catered to so take that in mind.

This is the ending of Post Scriptum vs Hell Let Loose Guide guide. I hope it will help you. So which game you will choose is up to you.  But you’ll never regret. Have fun.

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One thought on “Post Scriptum vs Hell Let Loose Guide

  1. Baraz Reply

    I agree with your honest assessment for the frames per second in Post Scriptum, but can you tell me if HLL produces better performance?

    I use a GTX 960 4GB and PS gives me only 20 to 30 FPS in battle (up to 90 if alone on a light map of course).

    If HLL has worse performance, I will know that I cannot run it really with my rig.

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