Police Simulator: Patrol Duty All Achievements Guide (Locations & Walkthroughs)

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Small tips

Criminals who need to be found in tasks, unlike other passers-by, always stand still. Also, depending on the task, they can hide their hands behind their back, or swing a gun.

Opening devices (appliances)

1. Weapons (Pistol) – Officer II Title
2. Weapons (Shotgun) – Title (?)
3. Machine (Jeep) – Officer II Title
4. Machine (Alya Dodge Charger) – Sergeant Title

All Achievements Guide (Locations & Walkthroughs)


Identify 1 civil.

I’ll be watching you

Identify 35 civilians.

Achievements related to the arrest

Get in!

Have 1 criminal being taken to prison

That’s the sound of Police

Have 20 criminals being taken to prison

Don’t stand so close

Have 30 criminals being taken to prison.

Penalties related achievements

On track

Write 1 ticket to badly parked cars.

Message in the windshield

Write 30 tickets to badly parked cars.

Achievements related to the search of people

Get frisky

Frisk 1 citizen.


Frisk 30 citizen.

Every little thing

Frisk 50 citizen.

Achievements related to the search of cars

Whatcha got there?

Search the trunk of 1 cars.

The trunk’s too big

Search the trunk of 20 cars.

Sniffing around

Search the trunk of 30 cars.

Achievements related to the search for items


Find the giant dice.

Food wheel

Find the Doughnut shop.

When in rome

Find the place with the Roman Numerals neon light (or in neon color).

Such an Icon

Find the winged statue.

All guys do Kung Fu

Find the Chinese Shop.


Find John’s Christmas present.

Through the Park

Find John’s taxi. Or what is left of it.

Lottery badge

Find a Police badge.

Let’s cook

Find a blue ice industrial drum.

Owl graffiti

Find the Owl Graffiti in the seedy part of town.

Owl Stencil

Find the Owl Stencil in the city’s port..

You enter through the main gate of the port and turn right into the passage between the containers.

Owl painting

Find the Owl Painting in the “safest” place in town.

The picture is in the repository of Bank Loston Bay on the 2nd floor.

Owl poster

Find the Owl Poster in the suburbs.

Owl towel

Find the Owl Towel in the beach.

This is the ending of Police Simulator: Patrol Duty All Achievements Guide (Locations & Walkthroughs) guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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