Planetside 2 Free Loot Codes 2019

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Planetside 2 Free Loot Codes 2019. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Planetside 2 Free Loot Codes


Press ‘ESC’ while you are in-game, click the shopping cart icon (it is placed at the bottom right of the screen), and then click in ‘Redeem code’ and write it in there


These are the loot codes that still work and what they do:

-PSUARMORDECAL: This code unlocks a PSU themed armor decal.

-PSUVEHICLEDECAL: This code unlocks a PSU themed vehicle decal.

-EQNVEHICLEDECAL: This code unlocks an Everquest themed vehicle decal.

5YEARSPS2: This code unlocks a special PlanetSide 2 decal celebrating the game’s 5th anniversary (it works for vehicles and armor).

6YEARSPS2: This code unlocks a special PlanetSide 2 decal celebrating the game’s 6th anniversary (it works for vehicles and armor) and also a weapon, the NSX-P Naginata LMG.

-NSOPS2019: This code unlocks a weapon, the NSX Tengu.

***The next code will only work in ONE CHARACTER, so use it in your main one.***

MLGREPORT: This code unlocks a MLG themed decal (it works for vehicles and armor), and also 1 hour 50% boosts for XP and Resources.

-PS2WelcomeBack: This code unlocks a weapon, the NSX Tanto and also a platinum NS helmet.

This is the ending of Planetside 2 Free Loot Codes 2019 guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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