Planet Zoo Feeding Guide (Food, Enrichment, Zoo Keepers)

Planet Zoo game guide focuses on Feeding Guide, how to find food, enrichment and how to fix bug with zookeepers. The guide will give you basic tips and tricks on food, feeding and zookeepers for Planet Zoo game. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

How Feeding Works

Feeding can be a bit confusing at first, the mechanics explained here might help.

Feeding, Food Enrichment and Water

As you can see at 8:13 the keeper you hired will walk in to look around first, walk out and then enter the keeper hut to prepare food Just like research hut, if one is being occupied then you can’t use it unless you build another or upgrade to a bigger one like in the video, make sure the power plant covers it as well.

The following from the Launch Notes:

  • Keepers will work out how much food they need to prepare for a habitat based on how many animals are in the habitat. They will then prioritise filling enrichment feeders before standard feeders. This can mean that if all of the prepared food is placed in enrichment feeders, the standard feeders won’t be filled!
  • There have been many improvements to keeper feeding behaviour. Keepers can become tired and won’t perform their duties if they are not rested, so make sure you let them have some time off at a Staff Centre now and again.

Also a keeper can only bring a certain amount of food for one specie at once.

In addition to water bowl and water pump, any lake inside of the habitat is counted as water source, make sure a water filter covers the range to improve the quality of water.

How to Find What Food & Enrichment

Each animal is unique, requiring different types of food and enrichment. This guide explains How To Find What Food & Enrichment For All Animals In Planet Zoo as it’s an easy feature to miss and can be quite time consuming to find out what each animal needs. I’ll use my wonderful Ebun Plains Zebra as a reference for this guide. As you can see, she’s not very happy at the moment.

You can see in the animal tab she has some serious Enrichment problems. It lists Species Food Enrichment and Species Toy Enrichment as the primary issues, but it doesn’t tell you exactly what the animal needs. Thankfully, there’s an easy-to-use search feature that answers those questions.

How To Find What Food & Enrichment For All Animals

  • Open the Habitat section
  • On the left side, choose any specific category you want.
  • For this example, I chose “All”. Then, you want to type the name of the animal into the small search box.
  • This brings up all items in that particular category that work with that animal.
  • You can also see the animals name in the tag box, this indicates that the animal will benefit from this item.

Using this same method, you can learn what food or enrichment any animal needs throughout the entire game.

Zoo Keepers Not Refilling Food Bug Fix

In the recent patch, Keepers have been updated and they will become tired after performing too much work. This can result in your animals not getting proper food.

Have the Keepers lay it off a bit at the Staff Centre every now and then to avoid this occurrence.

Relocate Food and Water Bowls

If your food and water aren’t being re-filled automatically, try moving them around the habitat, or just pick them up and place them again. Hopefully, the zookeeper will return to the habitat and feed the animals.

Check that each individual habitat has its own keepers assigned to them. A good idea would be to build a cabin for zookeepers so that they may get to their assigned locations faster.

Keepers prepare the amount of food needed for each habitat and they will go ahead and fill the Enrichment Feeders before the Standard Feeders.

If your prepared food (All of it) is in the Enrichment Feeders, Standard Feeders will not get any.

Go ahead and remove Feeder Enrichment Toys from their respective habitats and the zoo-keepers will return to filling your Standard Feeders.

Send Animals to Change Center

If nothing is working, then to prevent your animals from dying of starvation, send them to the Change Center where they will be automatically fed.

It’s a temporary solution and hopefully something you can use until this issue is fixed by a future patch.

Hopefully some of these solutions help you out in taking care of your problem one way or the other.

Some people have reported the bug to be fixed and if you start a new Planet Zoo game, you will not have to encounter the issue; so if you are willing to go down that route, that works too

This is the ending of Planet Zoo Feeding Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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