PC Building Simulator CPU Types Guide (Class, Price, Unlock Levels)

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. PC Building Simulator game guide focuses on all CPU Part Types with their class, manufacturer, part name, shop condition, selling price,  and unlock levels. This guide will give you some tips, tricks, and advice on CPU Part Types Guide. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

CPU Guide

A central processor, or CPU, is arguably the most important component of any computing device. It handles basic instructions and allocates the more complicated tasks to other specific chips to get them to do what they do best. It’s the core of your PC, smartphone, or tablet. and it’s what makes the whole device run as it should.

The CPU itself is a core component of what makes a computer a computer, but it isn’t the computer itself — it’s just the brains of the operation. It’s a small computer chip that sits atop the main circuit board (motherboard) of a computer, whether that’s a desktop PC, laptop, or tablet. It’s distinctly separate from the memory, which is where information is stored, and the graphics card or graphics chip, which handles all rendering of video and 3D graphics to your monitor or screen.

At its core, a CPU takes instructions from a program or application and performs a calculation. This process can be broken down into three key stages: Fetch, decode, and execute. A CPU fetches the instruction from a system’s RAM, then it decodes what the instruction actually is, before it is executed by the relevant parts of the CPU.

In modern systems, the CPU doesn’t do everything, but it still has to feed specialized hardware the numbers they need to do their job. It needs to tell the graphics card to show that explosion because you clicked on that fuel barrel, or grab the contents of your Office document from the local memory

CPU Types Guide

Part TypeClassManufacturerPart NameIn ShopPriceSellPriceLevel
CPUDummyAMDRyzen 3 Quad Core 1200No1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen 3 Quad Core 1300XNo1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen 5 Quad Core 1400No1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen 5 Quad Core 1500XNo1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen 5 Six Core 1600No1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen 5 Six Core 1600XNo1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen 5 Six Core 2600No1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen 5 Six Core 2600xNo1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen 7 Eight Core 1700No1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen 7 Eight Core 1700XNo1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen 7 Eight Core 1800XNo1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen 7 Eight Core 2700No1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen 7 Eight Core 2700xNo1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen Threadripper 2920XNo1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen Threadripper 2950XNo1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen Threadripper 2970WXNo1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen Threadripper 2990WXNo1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen Threadripper Eight Core 1900XNo1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen Threadripper Sixteen Core 1950XNo1
CPUDummyAMDRyzen Threadripper Twelve Core 1920XNo1
CPUDummyIntelCeleron G3900No1
CPUDummyIntelCeleron G3930No1
CPUDummyIntelCeleron G3950No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i3-6100No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i3-6100TNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i3-6300No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i3-6320No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i3-7100No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i3-7300No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i3-7320No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i3-7350KNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i3-8100No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i3-8350KNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i5-6400No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i5-6500No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i5-6600No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i5-6600KNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i5-7400No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i5-7500No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i5-7600No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i5-7600KNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i5-7640XNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i5-8400No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i5-8600KNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i5-9600KNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i7-6700No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i7-6700KNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i7-7700No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i7-7700KNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i7-7740XNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i7-7800XNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i7-7820XNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i7-8086KNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i7-8700No1
CPUDummyIntelCore i7-8700KNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i7-9700KNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i7-9800XNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i9-7900XNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i9-7920XNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i9-7940XNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i9-7960XNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i9-7980XENo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i9-9820XNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i9-9900KNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i9-9900XNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i9-9920XNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i9-9940XNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i9-9960XNo1
CPUDummyIntelCore i9-9980XENo1
CPUDummyIntelPentium G4400No1
CPUDummyIntelPentium G4500No1
CPUDummyIntelPentium G4520No1
CPUDummyIntelPentium G4560No1
CPUDummyIntelPentium G4600No1
CPUDummyIntelPentium G4620No1
CPUGoodAMDRyzen 5 Six Core 1600Yes260877
CPUGoodAMDRyzen 5 Six Core 1600XYes270907
CPUGoodIntelCore i5-6400Yes155522
CPUGoodIntelCore i5-6500Yes165552
CPUGoodIntelCore i5-6600Yes175582
CPUGoodIntelCore i5-6600KYes180602
CPUGoodIntelCore i5-7500Yes1806012
CPUGoodIntelCore i5-7600Yes1906312
CPUGoodIntelCore i5-7600KYes2006713
CPUGoodIntelCore i5-8400Yes2508315
CPUNormalAMDRyzen 3 Quad Core 1200Yes140473
CPUNormalAMDRyzen 3 Quad Core 1300XYes150503
CPUNormalAMDRyzen 5 Quad Core 1400Yes170573
CPUNormalAMDRyzen 5 Quad Core 1500XYes190633
CPUNormalAMDRyzen 5 Six Core 2600Yes2909718
CPUNormalAMDRyzen 5 Six Core 2600XYes30010018
CPUNormalAMDRyzen Threadripper 2920XYes77525828
CPUNormalAMDRyzen Threadripper 2950XYes85028328
CPUNormalAMDRyzen Threadripper 2970WXYes100033328
CPUNormalAMDRyzen Threadripper 2990WXYes110036728
CPUNormalIntelCeleron G3900Yes45151
CPUNormalIntelCeleron G3930Yes40135
CPUNormalIntelCeleron G3950Yes60205
CPUNormalIntelCore i3-6100Yes105352
CPUNormalIntelCore i3-6100TYes90302
CPUNormalIntelCore i3-6300Yes110372
CPUNormalIntelCore i3-6320Yes115382
CPUNormalIntelCore i3-7100Yes1204012
CPUNormalIntelCore i3-7300Yes1254212
CPUNormalIntelCore i3-7320Yes1304312
CPUNormalIntelCore i3-7350KYes1354513
CPUNormalIntelCore i3-8100Yes1705715
CPUNormalIntelCore i3-8350KYes1956515
CPUNormalIntelCore i5-7400Yes1705712
CPUNormalIntelCore i5-7640XYes1956524
CPUNormalIntelCore i5-9600KYes30010020
CPUNormalIntelCore i7-7740XYes2658824
CPUNormalIntelCore i7-7800XYes32010726
CPUNormalIntelCore i7-7820XYes70023326
CPUNormalIntelCore i7-8086KYes45015020
CPUNormalIntelCore i7-9700KYes42014020
CPUNormalIntelCore i9-9900KYes73024320
CPUNormalIntelPentium G4400Yes65221
CPUNormalIntelPentium G4500Yes75251
CPUNormalIntelPentium G4520Yes90301
CPUNormalIntelPentium G4560Yes90305
CPUNormalIntelPentium G4600Yes90305
CPUNormalIntelPentium G4620Yes115385
CPUUltraAMDRyzen 7 Eight Core 1700Yes3501177
CPUUltraAMDRyzen 7 Eight Core 1700XYes3601207
CPUUltraAMDRyzen 7 Eight Core 1800XYes3701237
CPUUltraAMDRyzen 7 Eight Core 2700Yes38012718
CPUUltraAMDRyzen 7 Eight Core 2700XYes39013018
CPUUltraAMDRyzen Threadripper Eight Core 1900XYes55018322
CPUUltraAMDRyzen Threadripper Sixteen Core 1950XYes80026722
CPUUltraAMDRyzen Threadripper Twelve Core 1920XYes65021722
CPUUltraIntelCore i5-8600KYes2809315
CPUUltraIntelCore i7-6700Yes240802
CPUUltraIntelCore i7-6700KYes250832
CPUUltraIntelCore i7-7700Yes2608712
CPUUltraIntelCore i7-7700KYes2709013
CPUUltraIntelCore i7-8700Yes36012015
CPUUltraIntelCore i7-8700KYes40013315
CPUUltraIntelCore i7-9800XYes50016729
CPUUltraIntelCore i9-7900XYes90030026
CPUUltraIntelCore i9-7920XYes92030726
CPUUltraIntelCore i9-7940XYes94031326
CPUUltraIntelCore i9-7960XYes100033326
CPUUltraIntelCore i9-7980XEYes120040026
CPUUltraIntelCore i9-9820XYes58019329
CPUUltraIntelCore i9-9900XYes66022029
CPUUltraIntelCore i9-9920XYes95031729
CPUUltraIntelCore i9-9940XYes105035029
CPUUltraIntelCore i9-9960XYes115038329
CPUUltraIntelCore i9-9980XEYes130043329

This is the ending of PC Building Simulator CPU Types Guide (Class, Price, Unlock Levels) guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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