PC Building Simulator CPU Block Types Guide (Class, Price, Unlock Levels)

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. PC Building Simulator game guide focuses on all CPU Block Part Types with their class, manufacturer, part name, shop condition, selling price,  and unlock levels. This guide will give you some tips, tricks, and advice on CPU Block Part Types Guide. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

CPU Block Guide

Performance-PCs has the biggest inventory of quality water blocks to cool your CPU. Everything from CPU water block mounting hardware, universal CPU water blocks, to water blocks for Intel processors for your liquid cooled system. Some of the leading manufacturers are Alphacool, EK, Koolance, Swiftech, Watercool, and more.

The CPU block handles much of the work in a water loop, including the transferring of heat between the processor and the fluid passing through the block. Due to the nature of using water, even in a well-maintained loop, you’re bound to encounter at least some form of growth inside the block. Luckily, it’s usually a simple process to take the CPU water block apart, clean it, and seal everything back together again.

CPU Block Types Guide

Part TypeClassManufacturerPart NameIn ShopPriceSellPriceLevel
CPU BlockNormalEKWBEK-Supremacy EVO – AcetalYes30010016
CPU BlockNormalEKWBEK-Supremacy EVO – Full NickelYes30010016
CPU BlockNormalEKWBEK-Supremacy EVO – NickelYes30010016
CPU BlockNormalEKWBEK-Supremacy EVO RGB – NickelYes36012023
CPU BlockNormalEKWBEK-Supremacy sTR4 – Full NickelYes30010022
CPU BlockNormalEKWBEK-Supremacy sTR4 – NickelYes30010022
CPU BlockNormalEKWBEK-Supremacy sTR4 – Nickel+AcetalYes30010022
CPU BlockNormalEKWBEK-Supremacy sTR4 RGB – NickelYes36012023
CPU BlockNormalRaijintekCWB-RGBYes42014027
CPU BlockNormalRaijintekCWB-TR4 RBWYes42014027

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