PC Building Simulator Coolant Types Guide (Class, Price, Unlock Levels)

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. PC Building Simulator game guide focuses on all Coolant Part Types with their class, manufacturer, part name, shop condition, selling price,  and unlock levels. This guide will give you some tips, tricks, and advice on Coolant Part Types Guide. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Coolant Guide

Computer cooling is required to remove the waste heat produced by computer components, to keep components within permissible operating temperature limits. Components that are susceptible to temporary malfunction or permanent failure if overheated include integrated circuits such as central processing units (CPUs), chipset, graphics cards, and hard disk drives.

Components are often designed to generate as little heat as possible, and computers and operating systems may be designed to reduce power consumption and consequent heating according to workload, but more heat may still be produced than can be removed without attention to cooling. Use of heatsinks cooled by airflow reduces the temperature rise produced by a given amount of heat.

Attention to patterns of airflow can prevent the development of hotspots. Computer fans are widely used along with heatsink fans to reduce temperature by actively exhausting hot air. There are also more exotic cooling techniques, such as liquid cooling. All modern day processors are designed to cut out or reduce their voltage or clock speed if the internal temperature of the processor exceeds a specified limit.

Cooling may be designed to reduce the ambient temperature within the case of a computer, such as by exhausting hot air, or to cool a single component or small area (spot cooling). Components commonly individually cooled include the CPU, Graphics processing unit (GPU) and the northbridge.

Coolant Types Guide

Part TypeClassManufacturerPart NameIn ShopPriceSellPriceLevel
CoolantNormal Clear CoolantYes10010016
CoolantNormalBlack Clear CoolantYes20010016
CoolantNormalBlack Flecked CoolantYes40010025
CoolantNormalBlack Opaque CoolantYes30010017
CoolantNormalBlue Clear CoolantYes20010016
CoolantNormalBlue Flecked CoolantYes40010025
CoolantNormalBlue Opaque CoolantYes30010017
CoolantNormalCyan Clear CoolantYes20010016
CoolantNormalCyan Flecked CoolantYes40010025
CoolantNormalCyan Opaque CoolantYes30010017
CoolantNormalGreen Clear CoolantYes20010016
CoolantNormalGreen Flecked CoolantYes40010025
CoolantNormalGreen Opaque CoolantYes30010017
CoolantNormalLime Clear CoolantYes20010016
CoolantNormalLime Flecked CoolantYes40010025
CoolantNormalLime Opaque CoolantYes30010017
CoolantNormalPink Clear CoolantYes20010016
CoolantNormalPink Flecked CoolantYes40010025
CoolantNormalPink Opaque CoolantYes30010017
CoolantNormalPurple Clear CoolantYes20010016
CoolantNormalPurple Flecked CoolantYes40010025
CoolantNormalPurple Opaque CoolantYes30010017
CoolantNormalRed Clear CoolantYes20010016
CoolantNormalRed Flecked CoolantYes40010025
CoolantNormalRed Opaque CoolantYes30010017
CoolantNormalUV Blue Clear CoolantYes50010027
CoolantNormalUV Blue Opaque CoolantYes50010027
CoolantNormalUV Green Clear CoolantYes50010027
CoolantNormalUV Green Opaque CoolantYes50010027
CoolantNormalUV Orange Clear CoolantYes50010027
CoolantNormalUV Orange Opaque CoolantYes50010027
CoolantNormalUV Purple Clear CoolantYes50010027
CoolantNormalUV Purple Opaque CoolantYes50010027
CoolantNormalUV Red Clear CoolantYes50010027
CoolantNormalUV Red Opaque CoolantYes50010027
CoolantNormalUV Yellow Clear CoolantYes50010027
CoolantNormalUV Yellow Opaque CoolantYes50010027
CoolantNormalWhite Clear CoolantYes20010016
CoolantNormalWhite Flecked CoolantYes40010025
CoolantNormalWhite Opaque CoolantYes30010017
CoolantNormalYellow Clear CoolantYes20010016
CoolantNormalYellow Flecked CoolantYes40010025
CoolantNormalYellow Opaque CoolantYes30010017

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