Patrician IV: Rise of a Dynasty How to Mod Guide

Welcome, visitors. Patrician IV: Rise of a Dynasty Modding Guide focuses on how to mod easily and this guide will give you some tips and ways modding quickly. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Patrician IV – Rise of a Dynasty brings a comprehensive package of improvements and new features to the best-selling Patrician IV including online multiplayer and new scenarios.

In Rise of a Dynasty, you will find new routes into the heartland and trade with cities like Berlin, Warsaw and Nijmegen. But of course you have to grapple with the territorial rulers first and protect your wagon convoys from errant highwaymen.

Modding Guide

Supplemental guide for modding .ini files for Patrician IV. Includes zip folder with .ini files since they are not naturally included with game install.

This is a supplemental guide for modding .ini files for Patrician IV. This guide Includes a zip folder with .ini files since they are not naturally included when you install the game. The files are not my own work, and much of my knowledge of this topic comes from scouring the Kalypso Patrician IV forums[], most of which are now archived.

My intention in writing this guide is to keep the information alive and accessible for current and future players when the Kalypso P4 forums might be completely unreachable. If the original creator(s) of these files or members of the Kalypso forums (especially Daan Hugo and Falko) read this, please speak up so I can give credit where due!

1. Files

Downloadable zip folder available here[].

Folder contains an English and a German FAQ txt and a subfolder, INI, which contains 51 .ini files.

To install, unpack the folder into your patrician install directory so that the INI folder appears as a subdirectory under the Patrician IV folder. In other words, it should look something like “…steam/steamapps/common/Patrician IV/ini ”

2. General Modding Info

Many of the INI files will use numbers instead of words as references. Most notably, the game’s commodities each have a numerical value, listed below:

Commodity# value
Raw Metal5
Metal Goods8

3. Useful Adjustments

In this section, I want to point out some adjustments to the game that I’ve found enjoyable. I may add to this section with suggestions from the community, so please comment below!


  • You can change the imports and exports of all of the Mediterranean cities. Have too much brick and not enough spice? Change the cities to import bricks and ensure they give spice!
  • You can change which region a Mediterranean city belongs to. This might be useful if you want to manipulate which cities show up in your game, as there can only be one city per region.
  • The file says that there can be only one Mediterranean city per region, and the file lists which region each city belongs to as well as it’s coordinates. While the expedition map does not show it’s coordinates in-game, you can guesstimate where a city would be based on the 537×251 size, with the bottom left corner being (0,0). So, for example, if you have already found a city in every region except region 3, I would go through the region 3 cities in the ini and start searching near those coordinates. Expedition city 19 has an x-coordinate of 244, which is just shy of half of 537, and a y-coordinate of 202, which is 80% of 251. So to find the city, I would start exploring halfway to the right of the map and 80% up the map. If I didn’t find the city, I would try the next city listed in region 3.


  • Science: you can change the prerequisites and the research points required for each of the developments.
  • StandardPaymentValue: these spv numbers affect the game’s inflation rates for things like quest rewards, costs of establishing new counting houses, etc., I think. I would advise leaving these alone as they affect so much of the game, but at the same time, since they have such a big impact on the game, perhaps you would want to.
  • Newgame: you can alter the starting population of towns as well as the number of starting cities. I have used the latter feature to start with 8 cities (which is the minimum) so that every other city has to be founded via guild quests, thus giving me full building privileges in as many cities as possible. To have a valid start: 1. Each region must be represented by one of the starting cities [which is why 8 is the minimum: there are 8 regions]. 2. At least one has to be a hanseatic town. 3. Each commodity must have a city where it is produced. 4. At least one town needs to be a spice import.
  • You can control which cities are included at start by adjusting the order of cities in townlist.ini under “[Initial]: List; x,y,z…”. If you want a 15-city start, the game will start with the first 15 cities listed. Note that the numbers correspond to the list of cities in the same townlist.ini file, e.g. 3 is London, 28 is Riga, etc.
  • Between townlist.ini and townpos.ini, you can find and edit all the information you need to start with anything between 8 and 40 cities.


  • This displays the various different quests: guild quests, tavern quests, city quests, gate/sovereign quests, etc.
  • “DisplayDuration” controls how long the quest is available from its respective quest giver.
  • “MissionDuration” controls how long you have to complete the quest once accepted.
  • “IdleTime” is how long before the mission is offered again.
  • “MaxCount” is the maximum number of instances this specific quest can appear.
  • “MinRank” is the rank required before the mission becomes available.
  • Particularly helpful in this is that you can ADD OR REMOVE quests if you like. For example, if you want to remove the “cause a famine” quest, then delete the corresponding entry in the mission list (sorry, don’t know which it is at the moment).

If you want to add a duplicate quest, create a new entry. For example, one of the biggest end-game challenges is getting 100% land ownership in the eight regions, which requires at least 90% reputation with the sovereign before you can buy a share of the land. So what I’ve done is create multiple instances of the “give me gold to make me happy” quest, as this is the easiest to complete to raise reputation. That quest is LF09. To make a duplicate, I copy and paste multiples of the LF09 entry to the bottom of the ini file and give each entry a new name, e.g. “LF17”, “LF18”, “LF19”, etc. Leave everything else alone–the logic, setup, and text should still be “LF09”–just change the name. Furthermore, since these are technically different quests, you do not need to change the “MaxCount” value either.


  • Battleship: you can adjust the turning rate, acceleration rate, cannon reload time (Reloadtime affects the rate of reloading overall, Reload Factor affects how much of an impact crewmen have on reload speed), as well as other, less-useful aspects.
  • AmmoData: Here’s where the miracles happen, folks. As you know, the game has three types of shots: solid, chain, and grapeshot, listed in the ini as 0, 1, and 2, respectively. The AI ONLY uses solid shot whereas the player can use all three. Since the combat is generally seen as more of an annoyance by most players, what many, myself included, do is completely nerf the solid shot. Easiest way to do that is to change “DmgHull_0”, “DmgSail_0”, and “DmgCrew_0” all to a ridiculously low number: I use 1. This will mean that solid shot does practically no damage to hulls, sails, or crewmen, respectively.
  • I then set my Hull, Sail, and Crew for chain shot insanely high: this is my one-shot ship-killer ammo. Finally, I reserve grapeshot for capturing the last ship in an encounter. I do this by setting sail and crew damage very high, but I keep the hull damage at only a moderately high value (I currently have it set to 8000, but that might be a bit too high for some people’s comfort). With this setup, I will start by killing all but one of the enemy ships with my chain shot, then cripple the final ship with grapeshot. The first grapeshot hit will obliterate their crew and sails, making them defenseless and largely immobile. I will then continue to use grapeshot to weaken their hull until they surrender, resulting in me gaining a new ship.
  • Oh, and you can also adjust the velocity of each shot. A higher velocity has greater accuracy as the target has less time to dodge.


  • Flotsam: you can adjust the probability for those random events that happen at sea: floating goods, floating gold, pieces of a treasure map, and castaways. You can also adjust the reward you get for bringing castaways to shore. Side note: I didn’t realize until editing the ini that you actually get a different reward for bringing them back to their hometown.

4. Useful Adjustments, Cont.


  • Google Translate doesn’t do a good job with the ship names here. For reference, “Schnigge” is the snaikka, “Kraier” is crayer, “Kogge” is cog, “Holk” is hulk, “Hansekogge” is hanseatic cog, “river kogge” is river cog, and “Kraveel” is caravel. The ini file has a “special edition ship”, but I can’t remember what that is in-game at the moment.
  • There are a lot of helpful and easy-to-mod values here, most of which are described under the “Schnigge” entry.
  • Capacity is the max amount of cargo a ship can carry
  • Vmin and Vmax are the ship’s minimum and maximum naval speeds.
  • Agile is how quick a ship turns in combat
  • Flow determined whether a ship can go up a river or not. 1 = sea only, 2 = river only, 3 = both river and sea-capable. (I simply set all ships to 3–the whole “you need a special convoy to be able to supply these specific cities” thing is a pain, in my opinion)
  • Expansion is how many times you can upgrade a ship with more cannons. I haven’t tried using this to turn non-combat ships (e.g. Caravel) into combat ships. I suspect you can’t, as you are told by the ini file not to edit the gun position values, and the non-combat ships don’t have any default gun positions.
  • MaxHp is the ship’s hull strength. MaxSailHp is the ship’s sail’s strength.
  • Goods is the type and quantity of commodities needed to build the ship at the shipyard. For example, the snaikka starts with “0, 40, 3, 10…” which means it needs 40 wood, 10 hemp, etc.
  • Costs is the gold cost to construct the ship
  • MatCosts is the gold cost for the materials, but this is variable based on the supply-and-demand of the commodities in the city where it is being built.
  • Daily Costs is the cost to maintain the ship while at sea. Reduce this value to increase profitability.


  • You can adjust the damage, min and max range, knockback strength, firing rate, and hitpoints for your city defenses. I like to change these values so that a city siege ends basically as soon as it begins.


  • Data: There’s a lot of powerful values here you can change that effect the game’s economy. This list first gives us the number that the ini files uses to represent each city, then it gives its name, it’s region, and it’s production (see the commodity to # value table above). Note that “-1” means that the city doesn’t produce anything for that production slot, which explains why some cities only produce 4 commodities instead of 5.
  • Initial: This list controls the initially-available cities when you start a new game. It also controls the order of new cities that will become available through quests. If you want to start with the minimum 8 cities at start, you must change this list to meet the requirements listed in the above section of this guide (or change the values of the first 8 cities in the list to meet the requirements, either way).
  • Importtowns: affect which cities import spice naturally.


  • I wouldn’t change too much here, but you can view or change the region a city belongs to.


  • Data: You can adjust the daily wages of your factory workers, your guards, and your counting house administrators.
  • You can also change how many citizens live in a single housing unit.
  • “Factor” affects how quickly the cities’ citizens consume goods. In other words, if you increase the value, a city will have a greater demand for all commodities, depending on the number of citizens in that city. A city will thus fall into famines easier, but it will also result in better profits when you supply the city.
  • “Warehouse rent” affects how much gold per day you have to pay for storing more goods in your warehouses than you have space for.
  • Production: Controls how many workers a factory can employ for each type of commodity as well as how much of that commodity is produced per day.
  • Goods consumption: Controls the rate of consumption per citizen of each commodity.
  • There are a lot of further sections in this ini that control construction costs, both in gold and in goods needed, sections that control demand, sections that control production costs, and a section that controls regionally-available commodities. I won’t list all of the functions–there are many of them, most of which are either self-explanatory (if you’ve understood the guide so far), have a minimal impact on gameplay, or are irrelevant (e.g. I doubt that “regional goods” has much effect on where regionally-available goods are actually produced, as that is controlled by the townlist.ini file. Perhaps this section is for freeplay: random starts instead of historical?)
  • Cart: Controls the values for the wagons that are needed for carrying goods via land routes, specifically their cargo capacity, the daily cost of operation, and construction costs. I like to crank up the capacity since it is otherwise challenging to keep land-bound cities adequately supplied.

This is the ending of Patrician IV: Rise of a Dynasty How to Mod Guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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