Pathfinder: Kingmaker Custom Own Portrait Character

Pathfinder: Kingmaker game guide focuses on how to create your own portrait character. The guide is originally in Russian but was translated to English by Google translate. Hope there is no wrong. This guide will give you some tips, tricks, and advice on how to create portrait characters. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Create Own Portrait Character

In a short Way

You can prepare three your own portraits with names: Small, Medium and Fulllength. All this images must be saved in PNG format with resolutions:

Small – width: 185px, height: 242px;

Medium – width: 330px, height: 432px;

Fulllength – width: 692px, height: 1024px;

The gameflow looks like:

  1. Start New game
  2. Choose “Create a new character”
  3. Click on icon “Custom portrait”.
  4. Click on button “Open portraits folder”. (It works for Windows and Mac)
  5. Replace portraits in opened folder or change it in your graphic redactor.
  6. Click “Refresh portraits”
  7. Enjoy your own portraits.

In a Long Way

Chapter 1. Technical.

  • Start the game.
  • Create a new character.
  • In the appeared portrait selection window,
  • press the icon under the portraits.
  • Press the “Open portraits folder” button.
  • The game will collapse and a folder will open in the explorer.

You need to put three files into it: fulllength.png – a png image with a resolution of 692×1024 pixels with a large image of the hero. medium.png – a png picture with a resolution of 330×432 pixels with an average image of a hero small.png – a png picture with a resolution of 185×242 pixels with a portrait of a hero. Back in the game. Press the button “Update portrait” If you do not mess with the resolution, extension and image, we will see a portrait of the character.

Folder portraits hidden and created when creating mercenaries and the main characters. There are a few glitches and bottlenecks.

1) When replacing the system, various failures, the fall of the disk, the invasion of gremlins and other variants of the death of the portraits folder – all the portraits fly off. They are not part of the save, in saves they are only a link. When loading the game, the saves will be checked, and all the missing folders will be restored with the default portrait (which you saw above).

They can theoretically be restored, but the portraits folder is created every time we pick the creation of mercenaries or heroes (or we replicate them with a mod on the rescue), so quite often in the location are not one or two folders, but twenty-thirty. Which folder corresponds to which mercenary character you do not recognize and you will have to act at random

2) In order not to produce empty folders, I recommend periodically deleting the “default” folders containing the default stub.

3) with the help of arrows you can switch between the contents of the portraits folders previously created. Using them will not cancel the creation of the default folder, but will save some time when replaying \ rebuild \ respec.

4) do not create two mercenaries in a row. Folder portraits they will have one. To “dissolve” it, you can go-out of the location or save-load a quick save game. It seems simple, is not it?

Chapter 2. Romantic Internet.

Since all this is simple – portraits of anyone on the Internet have appeared. Download and rejoice.

I downloaded it calmly, and then I began to notice that the main strategy of the party makers was to take a good fantasy picture and chop it neatly into pieces according to the given dimensions.

There are ambushes here next sense.

1) Stylistics. Portraits of standard characters are made in a certain style, and if we play with a mixed group of standard mercenaries, this is striking. Let’s just say – it cuts eyes.

2) Proportions. Standard portraits are made as follows – full-growth, half-length and 2 \ 3 of the face-1 \ 3 of the neck. Resolution standards as we remember – 692×1024 for full height. With the norms of ordinary fantasy pictures 1920×1080, the full-height portrait will be in almost the whole picture, and this will give us extremely difficult opportunities to make a portrait of 185×242 – it will be small and will not retain the necessary proportions or we will have to drag it and eventually wean it.

Therefore, of course, it is desirable to have pictures with a resolution of 2k pixels in height, just where to get them. Deviation from the standards will not give us anything good – the portrait will stand out and scratch the eye.

3) Turn the head and other details. Fantasy pictures often have to convey the dynamics. The portrait is like a passport photo. Even in standard presets, there are portraits that are knocked out of the general row on this basis (scratching the eye), what can we say about the Internet.

Not hitting at least one sign is not fatal, but two signs knock me out dive just tight.

Here is an example of a not very successful portrait. (he himself did at the very beginning, the basis is AION wallpaper) The medium file is crooked and cut out of proportion. The portrait had to be 20 pixels and zamylo it a little, I had to work with filters and try to cut the soap. The general style is far too good – not good either.

Chapter 3. General depressive.

So – there were not enough pictures suitable for conversion into a portrait. At the end of the first day, I began to catch myself thinking that I was beginning to recalculate the full height image of anyone to pixels in order to keep within 1024. I

began working with the character editor of the game Black Desert Online.

He gave a huge bunch of advantages –

1) the created character can be twisted and photographed as you like.

2) screenshots can be done well in the resolution of 8k, which greatly increases their suitability.

3) A large set of costumes, created character presets and opportunities in general.


1) only humans and elves. You can collect aasimar.

2) Characters are limited in poses and weapons.

3) This is a game, not a visual studio. Either there is no background, or there is no choice of costumes, or there is no choice of physiognomy. Everything is done by internal tools and the problems of those as furious as I don’t care about them.

A magician assembled in a donat shop there (dressed and not bought, DO NOT take money for fitting money). Having done it, you can draw Gandalf, especially since the magician was originally a copy of Gandalf, but it would take a lot of time from me. (not financial, but temporary – to create a character, collect a preset of appearance, enter the game, make some screenshots, and then delete the character, because the place for them is not rubber).

And you can change the background at the expense of the in-game landscapes, but this will already require money or the magician will look like a gendalf-bum

It was done in two screens: the first is the standard 1920×1080, on the basis of which fulllength and medium are cut down. Next you need to overcome the curse of a small portrait, so another screen was taken in which a face was taken in close-up. Those. instead of stretching, we shrink it, which does not spoil our quality.

Disadvantages – too beautiful. A lot of good is also not good.
The background is not particularly pleasing to the eye.

Most likely in various games of recent years, you can pull screenshots and types. BDO is simply the best character editor I’ve ever seen. Made by a similar technique, only from 8k in-game screen already. The drawbacks are the same, only the background is already pleasing to the eye, although the clarity is still very high, then only cosplayers from photos are cut into portraits (sounded somewhat ambiguous).

Chapter 4. Fiction.

He began to look at the arts that are out of proportion. Specifically – half-tall portraits. Those. when compressed, they will give us a medium file, but we don’t have to take the fulllength file especially, except to ignore proportions for the sake of higher aesthetic justice. Moreover, fulllength in the game is almost never used.

How to trim, what should be trimmed?
For a start, I remembered the school and made up the proportions of the relations of the parties. The fulllength file ratio is 1 to 1.48. The medium and small files are related to 1 to 1.31. Translated into pixels – 100 to 148 and 100 to 131, respectively. Next, using a proportional cutter chikal and compressed to the desired size.

The picture shows the Morrigan by Daphne Stavrid. It is not suitable for transformation into a portrait – its proportions are overwhelmed, namely, the legs are chopped off. Because of this, the hands do not fit on fulllength.

The portrait makers were made simple – the picture is too cool, the character is too good, let’s cut off her hands. And cut off.

I am too anxious about Morrigan and therefore did two things. For starters – cut off just one hand. This is a great achievement. Because of the positioning, I lost my alignment, but yes, to hell with it. Loss of alignment is nothing compared to losing a hand.
In order not to lose the brush of the second hand, I drew about half of the palm of the picture above and a full-fledged palm of the picture below. An attentive person can find traces of work from below, but who has now thrown attention to 20 on such and such a level?

So – what is the result? The picture is well suited for the style. It is slightly higher quality than the rest of the art of the puffinder, but it does not catch the eye.

A fulllength bung, well, yes, and hell with it. About the character’s alignment on fulllength and medium

I had to draw a lot to save my other hand, I had to increase approximately the palm of the drawing down. But the disgusting fact is that in the original picture the brush is cropped in the middle and you have to somehow draw the brush, and here you need an artist.

This is the ending of Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Create Own Portrait Character guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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