Pathfinder: Kingmaker – An Ancient Formula Walkthrough

Bokken will come to the throne room (if you have built a lab for him). Ask what he needs and then agree to provide support to him. The man will ask to find three volumes of the alchemical treatise ‘’Of Transmutations and Bodily Poisons’’ for him. This quest is probably the most difficult of all the Kingdom Quests.

You should find the three volumes of a book. Buy the first one from the witch Beldame—you’ll find her in the swamp. After that, head for the Bridge over Gudrin River and go east to find a cave. Here you’ll have to fight with Crag Linnorm who uses fire. Kill the enemy, investigate the body and you’ll find the second volume.

You can find the third one during Chapter 2, or even later. Go to Verdant Chambers where you might have fought with the elf. You need to go for a mobility skill check on the right side of the entrance. Then, kill the wolves, investigate the man’s body and you’ll find the third volume of a treatise. Return to Oleg’s trading post and hand Bokken the books. After waiting for some time, return to the Kingdom and get into the throne room. Linzi will deliver a message from Svetlana Leveton who asks you to go back to Bokken. You need to talk to him and agree to do the experiment on a dog. A dog can be found next to the dummy. Test the potion on the dog by putting it into its chaps. As a result, the dog will double in size and attack the main character. Inform the Alchemist of that, and he’ll give another potion. Next, head for the wererat lair which is located to the west of Oleg’s trading post.

Make them talk with you and say that everybody who lives in the Kingdom is the King’s children. Deal with the remaining enemies and come back to Bokken. Then you should attack him after he has drunk the potion. The quest is completed, and you get 600 XP.

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