Pathfinder: Kingmaker 10 Tips for Beginners

Pathfinder: Kingmaker game guide focuses on the best 10 Tips for Beginners. This is also a general guide for beginners. There is 10 steps Perfect Kingdom Management guide. So this guide will give you tips, tricks and general advice on  How to begin Pathfinder: Kingmaker perfectly. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

10 Tips for Beginners

1. If a Problem has a blue exclamation mark, it means it is important, even vital. If you don’t address this one as a priority, prepare for pain.

1a. Some of these will lead to an instant game over, even if you set invulnerable kingdom. You’ll get plenty of warnings, however.

2. Make sure all your advisors have tasks before you start the 14-day lockdown tasks. Otherwise they will sit on their asses and do nothing the whole time.

3. You’re going to need to fund most the realm building yourself. Get used to buying Build Points in the town square, funded by selling off your spoils.

4. Don’t sell artifact items. You’ll get much better money from the Storyteller if you bring it to him.

5. Once you have your squad and benched adventurers fitted appropriately, sell anything they can’t use. Got that really super awesome +5 cassock only an LG monk can use? If you dont have a monk and dont plan to make one, it’s doing nothing at all for you. You could, however, use the gold.

6. If you are not micromanaging feats, spells, potions and items during major non-random encounters, the game is too easy. Some people like easy games, but you are robbing yourself of satisfaction that your tactics made a difference.

7. Make sure you let advisors make their own call fairly often.

8. Artisans will give you magic items regularly. Per #5, if it isnt an upgrade for your team, sell it at once. They usually bring in a nice price.

9. Don’t get too hung up on the pluses on items. Some weapons, armor and equipment are more useful than raising your AC and damage bonus.

10. This may seem like a no-brainer, but READ how your advisors handle things on their card. If you send someone like Linzi to handle a bunch of unruly warlords, things won’t go well. If you send Amiri, things have a better chance of turning out well. In other words, its not just their skill and the roll, their personalities have an impact.

10 Steps to Perfect Kingdom Management

1) First things first, side with the nobility over the commonfolk every time. Make trade agreements with powerful merchants, forge alliances with powerful armies, and raise the taxes to the point of breaking the peasantry. In this lawless land of terrorizing trolls and enraged bear gods you will require every ounce of strength at your disposal. It is better to be feared than respected and the commoners will know their place beneath your boots.

2) When new settlers enter your domain, make sure to take the time to enter their homes and deprive them of their valuables. By force if necessary. The reason for this is broke folk don’t vote and when they’re too busy struggling just to remain alive you will easily be able to control them. Complete and total subjugation is mandatory for an effective barony. It is strongly recommended that you construct some gallows and make civil disobedience punishable by death.

3) Do not negotiate with anything that isn’t of flesh and blood nor with creatures that consume your own subjects. A barony’s population is a vital element to its prosperity and growth so anything with a taste for man-flesh is immediately persona non grata. If you cannot flog it in the town square so that it bleeds its lesson plainly then you should not trust it further than dagger length. Heed this warning and you shall never be in a position for betrayal from lower lifeforms.

4) Train and supply your military with the utmost priority. They are your backbone, your lifeblood, your peacekeepers and your minions. No expense is too great to ensure their superiority but suffer no insubordination unless you wish to have an army of cowards. I’ve been experimenting with removing their tongues upon conscription and it has so far proven the most effective technique at reducing the turnover rate. There is no need for them to speak, only to listen and obey. Show them your conviction and they will show you theirs.

5) Eliminate all suspected rebels and uprisings. Some barons would tell you to negotiate with the general public when unrest is on the rise but that’s a fool’s errand. Cave in now and you will forever be appealing to the populace and made a servant in your own lands. Instead you must show zero tolerance towards any who disagree with your methods or challenge your rule. Let them start their own barony if they dislike the way you run yours. No one is keeping them from leaving.

6) Keep dissidents from leaving. A barony only works if it has people. Once you start allowing some of them to leave then others will begin to think they have the same rights. The idea spreads like wildfire and must be smothered before it has a chance to engulf your territory.

7) Free will is the enemy of every state. Deny it at every turn by imposing heavy tariffs on foreign goods, enforcing a strict curfew after dark, burning all books that oppose your teachings and beliefs, torturing the members of opposing faiths until they see the error of their ways, and converting the heathens that visit your lands into permanent residents.

8) Expand, expand, expand. More land and more subjects are critical to consolidating your power over the Stolen Lands. Make alliances with your neighboring provinces and then invade them. If you come across valuable resources and learn they are owned by another, take them for your barony. If your neighbors have a complaint regarding your methods, assure them of your intentions by sending an assassin to greet them. Eventually your neighbors will see the light and join you — however many are still alive when they do.

9) Construct new buildings using the pillaged resources of your enemies. An ambitious baron should have many enemies on all sides. Every cardinal direction outward from your kingdom is a viable candidate for looting. With so many to choose from, you will want to focus first on the lands that have the materials you will require for your latest project. Often your spies will not find anything of valuable and this is a common espionage misconception. When nothing of material value exists, its inhabitants can still make for good slave labor. Seize everything of worth and then seize the earth itself and construct with its denizens a reminder of your right to rule. I personally like golden statues.

10) Betray them before they betray you. If you follow this simple rule and stab everyone else in the back FIRST then they will never have the opportunity to do the same to you. Trust no one and nothing except your own power and authority.

This is the ending of Pathfinder: Kingmaker 10 Tips for Beginners guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun

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