Paper Dolls: Original All Achievements Guide

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Paper Dolls Original is a first-person horror adventure game steeped in Eastern culture. You act a man who is separated from his daughter after a car accident. When he awakes, he finds himself in a deserted Asian mansion.

All Achievements Guide

Difficulty achievements

Not sure you can unlock normal mode achievement if you finish game only on nightmare, please confirm if it possible. Thanks

The Last Step
Climb the last stage stairs

This is actually for finishing the game on any difficulty.

Just the Beginning
Finished the game on normal mode

Goodnight, My Friend
Finished the game on Nightmare mode

Highest Rating
Get S rating

Not sure what the requirements to get S rating, only available on nightmare that is sure, 8 save and 3 deaths was enough tho, please post your stats to find a more closer value!

The Over Is Just Begin
Unlock all other trophies

This is actually not a difficulty achievement but as definetly the nightmare/S rating will be your last one i post it here. I personally don’t like such achievements because if you can’t complete 1 then you already locked out from 2!

Hide And Seek
Hide in the closet

Theoretically *MISSABLE*, but unlikely you will miss. You can do this already in the first room, the main hall so probably this is the first

First Puzzle
Solve the first puzzle

*STORYLINE* You will get it in the Front Hall once you figure out how to leave it.

Mr.Liu’s Diary
Collect the first diary of Mr.Liu

*MISSABLE* Check Diary collectible part of the guide, you should get the first one right after you enter the Tea House.

There Are Ghosts Here
Attacked by Nanny Chen

*STORYLINE* Once you interact with the note on the table or with the bandage inside the Tea House the ghost will attack you.

Not injured by vase of teahouse

*MISSABLE* Succedd on the very first quicktime of the first quicktime event when attacked by Nanny Chen.

Enter Nowhere
Attacked by Mr.Liu

*STORYLINE* Once you completed the traproom event this achievement unlocks.

Nobody Shall Pass
Attacked by YinZhong and WangYong

*STORYLINE* Try to climb stairs and win the quickevents.

Bandaged injured hand

*STORYLINE* Use the bandage in your inventory to treat your hand after you tried to climb up the stairs.

Finding that DingXiang hanged

*STORYLINE* In the Maid’s room after you loot up a big parchment a ghost will talk to you and the achievement will unlock.

Seal Mr.Liu

*STORYLINE* Seal the body at the Front Hall. How to seal a body? Each ghost has a treasure, use the related treasure on the body and then solve the quickevent “battle”.

Puzzle Master
Solve five puzzles

*STORYLINE* Not sure which was the 5th puzzle for me but you can’t progress without solving them.

Solved Ming‘s distress

*STORYLINE* After you open the cabinet in exhibition room 1 the achievement is awarded for getting the key which is in there.

Controlled By Ghost
Escape the control of ghost in the wareroom

*MISSABLE* There is a key in warehouse, 23:35 on the video, if you touch it there is a quickevent battle against a ghost. You can’t loot this key while WangYong not sealed. Theoretically the achievement missable if you not trying to loot up before.

Nanny Chen
Seal Nanny Chen

*STORYLINE* Seal the body which is located inside a cabinet in the Tea House Room.

Seal Ming

*STORYLINE* Seal the body which is located inside the secret room near the Keeper’s Room.

Attacked by DingXiang

*STORYLINE* Happens right after you sealed Ming.

Seal WangYong

*STORYLINE* Seal the body inside the Armory. Her treasure is in the same room and the ghost attacking you if you pick it up so be fast.

All Staff Members
Complete staff illustrations

*MISSABLE* I believe this is for the nondiary collectibles, all collected in the video but not made screenshoots for it, i’ll probably replay game again to make the screenshoots for this section or make one without screenshoots with listing times to them on the video.

Puzzle Expert
Solve all puzzles


Seal DingXiang

*STORYLINE* She is in the gallery, a bit though fight as you need seal 3 ghosts then turn to the body and seal that again while DingXiang chasing you and destroy the seals on the 3 ghosts.

Roaming First Floor
Open all doors

*MISSABLE* You need open all doors. Theoretically missable but you shouldn’t. Some doors are just barred from other side and you can actually avoid those doors. Achievement should unlock when you enter treasury, if it is not then you missed one and look around before trying to seal body inside Treasury.

Daily Collector
Collect all Mr.Liu’s diary

*MISSABLE* Check diary section, you should get this in the treasury, if it is not then you missed some and look around before trying to seal body inside Treasury.

Seal YinZhong

*STORYLINE* Body is in the treasury.


This is the ending of Paper Dolls Original All Achievements Guide guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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