Pacify Beginners Guides and Basics

Important facts

– There are 5 keys, but only 4 of them are needed to complete the game.
– There are at least 2 finals.
– There are 2 kinds of dolls: 1 white with a mark (evil) and 1 colored (pacify);
– The marked dolls move;
– The person carrying the keys is the only one (besides AI and players transformed in dolls) who can open locked doors;
– The girl has 2 modes (Calm and Monster);
– The dolls and wood ARE LIMITED.
– If you read the papers, you’ll understand the story.

Gameplay [Solo or Co-op]

You spawn outside, in front of the main door. Unfortunately its closed, and you have to find another way in.

  • If you go to the left, you’ll find a way into the basement.
    You’re safe for now. She’ll only enter the basement if she’s lured, close range, by a player (FOR NOW).
  • At the beginning, you have to focus on keys. That changes when you find the Attic key. Inside the Attic Room, you’ll find the basement key.
  • When that time comes, you’ll need to find all the marked dolls and burn them in the boiler (basement).
  • After burning ALL the marked dolls, the girl will faint and the front doors will open,
  • You’ll need to find the girl and take her to the van. You can also burn her in the boiler and unlock an achievement and final.
  • In Co-op or Solo, the game will be over if everyone is turned into a doll. In PvP, the game only ends with a winner.
  • If you’re turned into a doll, you can burn yourself in the basement and return to normal size.


  • If the girl is in monster mode, giving her a pacify doll will calm her down for a while (The time depends on how many marked dolls have already been burnt – The more dolls you burn, the smaller are her calm times);
  • If she’s attacking another player, giving the girl a pacify doll will save him and stun her for a while;
  • Burning a pacify doll awards you an achievement;
  • There’s a pacify doll in each bedroom and bathroom, one in the kitchen, one in the internal garden and another one near the first stair;
  • It’s useless giving her a pacify doll if there’s only one marked doll remaining;

The Girl

  • Her name is Emilia and has 2 Modes: Calm and Monster.
  • In Calm mode, she won’t attack you, but she’ll steal your pacify doll if you’re holding one T-T
    You can only hear her steps.
  • In Monster mode, she will attack you. You have to give the pacify doll to her if you want to calm her down.
    She now makes weird noises and you can see her even without flashlight (She emits a pulsing light).


In this mode, you can push people and wins who makes more points.

  • If you push someone, he or she will drop all keys and dolls in his or her possession.
  • The game only ends with one winner, even if everyone is a doll.
  • In this mode, a doll can pickup wood and matches. It can also light its own fire.

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  1. Hafas rahman Reply

    How i play with other people/when i click on join game it says could’nt find games and when i click on host game there’s nobody except me.pleasde tell how i can play with others,i’m a begginer.

  2. Kawaii fox Reply

    Of you have other people with you to play the game and they all join the game then you can play with other people watch videos about it

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