Outward – Make Money With Cooking Easily

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to explain How to Make Money With Cooking Easily in Outward game. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Making Money is the most important thing in Outward. You need money to buy equipment, food, potions, and most importantly your skills. In this guide, we show you to make money with alchemy easily.

Make Money With Cooking Easily

Other method is somewhat simpler but also requires a little more micro-managing to make sure you get the most profits and don’t accidentally waste money.

This method revolves around 1 thing, in particular, Rations. Regular food is usually worth 1-4 silver a piece when you sell it and cooking food with multiple ingredients tends to give you 3 of the crafted food. Rations work the same way in the cooking pot by giving you 3 rations as opposed to the 1 ration if you make it in your inventory.

Why is this important to know? Well, let’s say you have some Raw Meat. Raw Meat sells for 1 silver. If you cook it, it becomes Cooked Meat which is also 1 silver. Now, let’s add a Gaberry and some salt. This makes 1 Raw Meat into 3 Meat Stews. Each stew sells for 1 silver so now you get 3 Silver instead of 1. Do this 10 times and you make 30 Silver off of 10 Raw Meat. Now let’s add another step. If we take 2 of the Meat Stews and add a Salt, they become 3 Rations worth 2 Silver a piece. Do this to your 30 Meat Stew and they become 45 Rations. So 30 Silver becomes 90 Silver which is 9 times the original price of the Raw Meat. To make it easier to understand here is just the math…

x1 Raw Meat = 1 Silver

x1 Gaberry = 0 Silver

x1 Salt = 0 Silver

x1 Meat Stew = 1 Silver

x1 Ration = 2 Silver

x1 Raw Meat + x1 Gaberry + 1x Salt = 3x Meat Stew

x2 Meat Stew + x1 Salt = x3 Ration

x10 Raw Meat + x10 Gaberry + 10x Salt = 30x Meat Stew

x30 Meat Stew + x15 Salt = x45Ration

x45 Ration = 90 Silver

See what I mean? And this applies to most food. Despite this, the only food worth purchasing is Bread. Everything else won’t make a profit.

To maximize profits on this, make sure to buy all the bread you can from the Fish Merchant on the docks and make the following recipes in the order shown below. If you make them out of order, then you may accidentally use ingredients that should be used in other foods first so be careful! Also remember that you can get an unlimited amount of free salt by choosing the Empty option on your waterskin, filling it in the ocean, then doing a manual craft of just your salt-water filled waterskin in the cooking pot or a campfire. Do this as much as you want and you will never run out of salt.

Dry Mushroom Bar – x4 Common Mushroom

Luxe Lichette – x1 Larva Egg, x1 Azure Shrimp, x1 Raw Rainbow Trout, x1 Seaweed

Cierzo Ceviche – x1 Raw Rainbow Trout, x1 Seaweed, x1 Salt

Pot-au-Feu du Pirate – x3 Any Fish, x1 Salt

Meat Stew – x1 Meat, x1 Gaberry, x1 Salt

Gaberry Jam – x4 Gaberry

Gaberry Tartine – x1 Bread, x1 Gaberry Jam

Miner’s Omelet – x2 Bird Egg, x1 Common Mushroom

Travel Rations – x2 Food, x1 Salt

This will maximize your rations but even then, it won’t maximize your profits. To do that then BEFORE you make your travel rations, you want to give 1 Cierzo Ceviche to the Fish Merchant by talking to him and accepting his request. This will give you 4 Ocean Fricassee which sell for 4 silver a piece. Next you want to sell the Cierzo Ceviche and Ocean Fricassee rather than turning them into rations as well as keep the Luxe Lichette in your storage. This is one of the best foods in the game, especially for non-mage characters. Go ahead and turn the rest into Rations and you’ll make a tidy profit.

Finally you can’t just go around without any food at all right? You need it for easy healing over time and to fill your belly. For this I recommend buying about 10 Jerky from the vendors. The price of jerky is 3 silver so the cost of 2 is the same as what you would get from turning 2 jerky into 3 rations, making it an easily acquired and dispensable item for adventuring.

This is the ending of Outward – Make Money With Cooking Easily guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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