Outward – List of All Crafting Recipes

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to explain all crafting recipes list in Outward game. We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you. Please let us note that although we put a title with “All”, this is not all of them,  we are sorry. But we try to complete all of them, and we know there are more of what this guide shows you.

Outward delivers an immersive RPG experience coupled with survival gameplay, offering a deeply-rewarding challenge for the most avid gamers.

As an ordinary adventurer, you’ll not only have to hide or defend yourself against threatening creatures but also brave the hazardous environmental conditions, protect yourself against infectious diseases, make sure you get enough sleep and stay hydrated. Embark on perilous expeditions across untamed lands to reach new cities, undertake varied missions and discover hidden dungeons crawling with formidable enemies.

Crafting recipes are items you create that are essential to surviving in Outward. Recipes from your survival menu, no Cooking Pot or Alchemy Kit needed. This guide provides you to reach all crafting recipes in Outward game.

Note: This is the updated version of the list. Hope you like it.

List of All Crafting Recipes

Supplies Crafting

You can craft these recipes in the crafting menu with no other tools needed.

RecipeItem RequirementsDescription
Arrow (3x)1x Wood 1x Iron Scrap
Bandages2x Linen Cloth
Campfire Kit3x Wood
Improvised Bedroll2x Hide
Makeshift Torch1x Wood 1x Linen Cloth
Ice Torch1x Makeshift Torch 1x Ice Stone 1x Iron Scrap
Primitive Satchel2x Hide 1x Linen Cloth
Spikes – Wood (3x)4x Wood
Spikes – Iron (3x)4x Iron Scraps
Fire Rag1x Linen Cloth 1x Thick Oil
Ice Rag1x Linen Cloth 1x Seaweed
Poison Rag1x Linen Cloth 1x Grilled Crabseed
Fill Lantern1x Lantern 1x Oil
Old Lantern2x Iron Scrap 1x Oil 1x Linen Cloth
Tripwire Trap1x Wood 2x Iron Scrap 1x Linen Cloth
Fire Cloth1x Linen Cloth 1x Thick Oil
Iron Scrap1x Metal Armor (any) or 1x Metal Weapon (any) or 1x Iron Spikes
Cloth1x Cloth Armor (any)
Bullets1x Iron Scrap 1x Thick Oil
Scaled Satchel3x Scaled Leather 1x Primitive Satchel60 carry weight
Mantis Greatpick1x Palladium Scrap 2x Mantis Granite

Food Crafting

These recipes are made in a kitchen or by using a cooking pot over a fire. For boiled versions of single ingredients, just a fire will do.

Snacks Crafting

RecipeItem RequirementsDescription
Pungent Paste1x Egg 1x Ochre Spice Beetle 1x Fish
Boiled Gaberries1x GaberriesRestores 75 Food. Rots more slowly.
Gaberry Jam4x GaberriesRestores 150 Food; has warming effect.
Jerky (5x)2x Meat 2x SaltRestores 100 Food; rots very slowly.
Alpha Jerky2x Alpha Meat 2x Salt
Dry Mushroom Bar4x Common Mushroom
Bread of the Wild (3x)1x Smokeroot 1x Raw Alpha Meat 1x Woolshroom 1x BreadRestores 225 Food. Heals wounds over time, grants warm boon and an increase in stealth.
Marshmelon Jelly3x Marshmelon 1x Gaberry JamRestores 275 food. Confers an immense stamina recovery.

Meals Crafting

RecipeItem RequirementsDescription
Garberry Tartine1x Bread 1x Garberry JamRestores 125 Food; more potent than Jam.
Meat Stew (3x)1x Meat 1x Vegetable 1x SaltRestores 275 Food.
Travel Ration2x Food (any) 1x SaltRestores 150 Food; useful when traveling from one region to another.
Cierzo Ceviche (3x)1x Raw Rainbow Trout 1x Seaweed 1x SaltRestores 200 Food; restores Mana and provides elemental resistance.
Miner’s Omelet2x Egg 1x Common Mushroom
Turmmip Pottage3x Turmmip 1x Salt
Pot-au-Feu du Pirate3x Fish 1x Salt
Ocean Fricassee1x Larva Egg 1x Fish 1x Seaweed
Luxe Lichette1x Azure Shrimp 1x Raw Rainbow Trout 1x Larva Egg 1x Seaweed
Bouillon du Predateur3x Predator Bones 1x Clean WaterRestores 250 Food. Restores stamina and increases physical damage dealt.
Spiny Meringue2x Cactus Fruit 2x EggRestores 140 Food. High health and stamina restorative properties. Provides hot weather defense.
Stringy Salad2x Woolshroom 2x VegetableRestores 200 Food. Heals a little.
Alpha Sandwich1x Raw Alpha Meat 1x BreadRestores 200 food. Combined bread and alpha meat, which keep the meat’s combat-enhancing properties.
Cactus Pie2x Cactus Fruit 1x BreadRestores 100 food. Heavy desert fruit that re-invigorates and protects against the sun.
Ragoût du Marais1x Miasmapod 1x Meat 1x Marshmelon 1x SaltRestores 200 food. Immediately heals wounds, unlike most food. Gives the Possessed boon.
Savage Stew1x Raw Alpha Meat 1x Marshmelon 1x Gravel BeetleRestores 300 food. Gives Impact Resistance as well as adding Impact to one’s attacks with the Rage status.
Marshmelon Tartine1x Marshmelon Jelly 1x BreadRestores 175 food. Makes several rations, each with the full stamina-restoring properties of a jar of marshmelon jam.
Diademe de Gibier1x Raw Jewel Meat 1x Meat 1x Cactus Fruit 1x Salt
Ragout da Marais1x Miasmapod 1x Meat 1x Marshmelon 1x Salt


Beverages Crafting

RecipeItem RequirementsDescription
Soothing Tea1x Clean Water 1x SeaweedRestores 70 Drink; cures the common cold (takes a few hours for the full effect), and restores burnt Mana.
Bitter Spicy Tea1x Clean Water 1x Ochre Spice BeetleRestores 70 Drink; instantly cures infections, protects against cold, and restores burnt Stamina.
Mineral Tea1x Clean Water 1x Gravel BeetleRestores 70 Drink; increases Impact Resistance, cures Indigestion (takes a few hours for the full effect), and restores burnt Health.
Needle Tea1x Clean Water 1x Cactus Fruit

Alchemy Crafting

These recipes are made using an alchemy kit over a fire.

Potions Crafting

RecipeItem RequirementsDescription
Life Potion (3x)1x Clean Water 1x Blood Mushroom 1x Gravel BeetleInstantly heals some wounds.
Great Life Potion1x Life Potion 1x Greasy Fern
Endurance Potion1x Clean Water 1x Krimp Nut 1x Egg
Great Endurance Potion1x Endurance Potion 1x Krimp Nut
Cool Potion1x Clean Water 1x Gravel Beetle
Warm Potion1x Clean Water 1x Thick OilTemporarily Increases Fire damage and resistances
Discipline Potion1x Water 1x Ochre Spice Beetle 1x LivweediTemporarily increases damage
Mist Potion1x River Water 1x Ghost’s EyeIncreases ethereal damage and resistances
Possessed Potion1x Clean Water 1x Occult RemainsTemporarily increases your Decay damage and resistances.
Rage Potion1x Clean Water 1x Gravel Beetle 1x Smoke Weed
Astral Potion (3x)1x Clean Water 1x Star Mushroom 1x Turmmip
Great Astral Potion1x Astral Potion 1x Ghost Eye
Elemental Immunity Potion1x Thick Oil 1x Azure Shrimp 1x Firefly Powder 1x Occult RemainsGrants immunity to Fire, Frost, Lightning, Decay and Ethereal damage.
Elemental Resistance Potion1x Smoke Root 1x Occult Remains 1x Crystal PowderGrants moderate resistance against Fire, Frost, Lightning, Decay and Ethereal damage.
Stability Potion1x Clean Water 1x Insect Husk 1x LivweediIncreases your Impact Resistance.
Blessed Potion1x Clean Water 1x Firefly PowderIncreases lightning damage and resistances.
Weather Defense Potion1x Clean Water 1x Greasy Fern 1x Crystal Powder

Elixirs Crafting

RecipeItem RequirementsDescription
Assassin Elixir1x Clean Water 1x Raw Jewel Meat 1x Firefly Powder 1x Crystal PowderIncreases movement speed, stealth, and coats your equipped melee weapon with poison.
Golem Elixir1x Clean Water 1x Occult Remains 1x Blue Sand 1x Crystal Powder
Stoneflesh Elixir1x Clean Water 1x Gravel Beetle 1x Insect Husk 1x Crystal Powder ✝
Survivor Elixir1x Clean Water 1x Livweedi 1x Ochre Spice Bettle 1x Crystal Powder
Warrior Elixir1x Larva Egg 1x Krimp Nut 1x Crystal Powder

Varnishes Crafting

RecipeItem RequirementsDescription
Fire Varnish1x Gaberry Wine 1x Seared Root 1x Fire Stone ✝
Ice Varnish1x Gaberry Wine 1x Livweedi 1x Cold Stone
Spirit Varnish1x Gaberry Wine 1x Ghost Eye 1x Mana Stone
Dark Varnish1x Gaberry Wine 1x Occult Remains 1x Mana Stone 1x Grilled Crabeye ✝
Bolt Varnish1x Gaberry Wine 1x Firefly Powder 1x Mana StoneApplies the lightning element to a melee weapon.
Poison Varnish1x Gaberry Wine 1x Occult Remains 1x Miasmapod 1x Grilled Crabeye Seed

Miscellaneous Crafting

RecipeItem RequirementsDescription
Crystal Powder4x Mana StoneRestores mana, burnt mana, and burnt stamina, but burns maximum health until you sleep.
Poison Antitode1x Clean Water 1x Thick Oil 1x Common Mushroom
Hex Cleaner1x Clean Water 1x Greasy Fern 1x Livweedi 1x Salt
Fire Stone1x Mana Stone 1x Thick OilUsed to cast Fire Sigils
Cold Stone1x Mana Stone 1x Blue SandUsed to cast Frost Sigils
Incendiary Charges1x Thick Oil 1x Iron Scraps 1x Salt
Toxic Charges2x Grilled Crabeye Seed 1x Salt
Nerve Gas Charge1x Blood Mushroom 1x Livweedi 1x Salt


Weapons Crafting

These can be made straight from your inventory.


RecipeItem RequirementsDescription
Bone Pistol1x Flintlock Pistol 2x Occult Remains 1x Crystal Powder32 Damage 32 Ethereal 50 Impact 1 Attack Speed. Needs Fire/Reload skill to shoot an ethereal bullet. Inflicts Haunted on enemies.
Coralhorn Bow2x Coralhorn Antler 1x Recurve Bow 1x Crystal Powder30 Damage 16 Impact. Inflicts Pain.
Horror Bow2x Horror Chitin 1x War Bow 1x Occult Remains
Flintlock Pistol1x Obsidian Shard 1x Palladium Scrap 1x Crystal Powder ✝

One-handed Crafting

RecipeItem RequirementsDescription
Long Bone Sword1x Claymore 2x Predator Bones 1x Linen Cloth
Fang Sword1x Iron Sword 1x Predator Bones 1x Linen ScrapInflicts Bleeding.
Assassin Sword1x Steel Saber 1x Assassin Tongue 1x Palladium Scrap
Brand1x Strange Rusted Sword 1x Chemist’s Broken Flask 1x Mage’s Poking Stick 1x Blacksmith Vintage Hammer18 (Physical) + 18 (Frost) damage; 27 Impact; 1 Attack Speed; 425 Durability; Inflicts Chill and Pain on enemies, increasing the Frost and Physical damage they take.
Gold-Lich Sword1x Gold-Lich Mechanism 1x Iron Sword 1x Firefly Powder
Primitive Club2x Wood
Fang Club1x Iron Mace 1x Predator Bones 1x Linen Cloth22 Damage 25 Impact 1 Attack Speed. Causes Bleeding.
Gold-Lich Mace1x Gold-Lich Mechanism 1x Iron Mace 1x Firefly Powder
Obsidian Mace2x Obsidian Shards 1x Palladium Scraps
Shiv1x Iron Scrap 2x Linen Cloth
Manticore Dagger1x Manticore Tail 1x Palladium Scrap
Golem Rapier2x Broken Goldem Rapiers 1x Palladium Scrap 1x Crystal Powder
Fang Axe1x Iron Axe 1x Predator Bones 1x Linen Scrap
Beast Golem Axe1x Beast Golem Scraps 1x Iron Axe 1x Palladium Spikes27 Damage 22 Impact .9 Attack Speed. Inflicts Bleeding.
Horror Axe1x Horror Chitan 1x Fang Axe 1x Palladium Scrap 1x Occult Remains
Tuanosaur Axe1x Alpha Tuanosaur Tail 1x Brutal Axe 1x Palladium Scrap

Two-handed Crafting

RecipeItem RequirementsDescription
Quarterstaff2x Wood 1x Linen Cloth
Phytosaur Spear1x Phytosaur Horn 1x Fishing Harpoon 1x Miasmapod34 dmg 26 Impact 1.1 Attack speed 200 durability. Inflicts poison on enemies.
Gold-Lich Spear2x Gold-Lich Mechanism 1x Iron Claymore 1x Firefly Powder ✝
Thorny Spear2x Thorny Cartilage 1x Iron Spear 1x Palladium Scrap
Fang Trident1x Spear 2x Predator Bones 1x Linen Cloth
Crescent Scythe2x Shark Cartilage 1x Palladium Scrap 1x Felling Axe
Crescent Greataxe2x Shark Cartilage 1x Palladium Scrap 1x Felling Axe
Fang Greataxe1x Iron Greataxe 2x Predator Bones 1x Linen Scrap
Tuanosaur Greataxe2x Alpha Tuanosaur Tail 1x Brutal Greataxe 1x Palladium Scrap
Obsidian Greatmace2x Obsidian Shard 2x Palladium Scrap
Manticore Greatmace2x Manticore Tail 1x Mantis Greatpick 1x Palladium
Fang Greatclub1x Greathammer 2x Predator Bones 1x Linen Scrap
Assassin’s Claymore2x Assassin Tongue 1x Fang Greatsword 1x Palladium Scrap
Gold-Lich Claymore2x Gold-Lich Mechanism 1x Iron Claymore 1x Firefly Powder ✝
Thorny Claymore2x Thorny Cartilage 1x Iron Claymore 1x Palladium Scrap
Beast Golem Halberd2x Beast Golem Scraps 1x Iron Halberd 1x Spikes-Palladium
Fang Halberd1x Iron Halberd 2x Predator Bones 1x Linen Scrap
Fang Greatsword1x Iron Claymore 2x Predator Bones 1x Linen Scrap

Armour Crafting

These can be made straight from your inventory.

RecipeItem RequirementsDescription
Plank Shield1x Wood 2x Linen Cloth
Ammonite Armor1x Ammonite 1x Padded Armor 1x Palladium Ore
Ammonite Helm1x Ammonite 1x Padded Helm 1x Palladium Scrap
Ammonite Boots1x Ammonite 1x Padded Boots 1x Palladium Scrap
Cauldron Helm1x Cooking Pot (scrap)
Makeshift Leather Hat1x Helmet (any) 1x Hide
Makeshift Leather Attire1x Armor (any) 2x Hide
Makeshift Leather Boots1x Boots (any) 1x Hide
Scaled Leather Hat1x Makeshift Leather Hat 2x Scaled Leather 1x Predator Bones
Scaled Leather Attire1x Makeshift Leather Attire 2x Scaled Leather 1x Predator Bones
Scaled Leather Boots1x Makeshift  1x Sandals 2x Scaled Leather 1x Predator Bones ✝
Horror Shield1x Horror Chitin 1x Fang Shield 1x Palladium Scrap 1x Occult Remains18 Impact Resistance
Fang Shield1x Round Shield 1x Predator Bones 1x Linen Cloth12 Impact Resistance
Chitin Desert Tunic1x Desert Tunic 1x Insect Husk
Gold-Lich Shield1x Gold-Lich Mechanism 1x Round Shield 1x Firefly Powder

Here is also a guide video (I found on youtube)

This is the ending of Outward – List of All Crafting Recipes guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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