Outward – Combat Tips for Melee Weapons

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to give some combat tips for Melee weapons in the Wild in Outward game. We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

The combat gets a lot better but it also depends on your own style. What kind of weapons you using depend on the skills you use. You have to practice the weapons and some are better for certain situations. You have to get some gear and experiment.

This is a guide on combat tips for Melee weapons.

Combat Tips for Melee Weapons

1. Be patient and don’t be afraid of blocking attacks, even if you don’t have a shield.

2. Keep a reasonable distance from your target. If there’s more than 1 enemy, try to kite until one is separated enough from the other and punish.

3. If fighting a very large, scary foe… Drop your backpack. Use blocks only as emergency and try to kite and dodge.

4. Pay attention to their impact bar. (The grey bar under their health.) If it turns light orange/brown, they’re blocking. Don’t hit then. When the grey bar falls below half, your enemy will stagger with each hit, allowing for more punishment from you. Once depleted, the enemy will fall. Use this to get free damage in! But becareful because they get up really quick.

5. I’d recommend having a ranged weapon and your melee weapon on a skill slot. Being able to switch quickly made a world of a difference for fluidity. Try to get a free shot in or two before combat, switch to melee and rek.

6. Manage your stamina. Drink water before each fight. Having the +Stamina Regen active while fighting is massive.

7. If you’re losing badly… run! If you break the line of sight of the enemy, chances are they’ll lose track of you. Once you’re away, avoid sleeping (so they don’t heal) and heal yourself with any pots and bandages. Once healed up, get back in there and smash your enemy down! Or get smashed by him…

8. Traps help bring down a tough foe. Generally, I’m too lazy to sit down and set traps and all that. But, they can be a godsend for a particularly tough enemy. Getting some shots in with a ranged weapon and having them step on traps can dish out so much damage before you have to “really” start fighting.

9. Melee weapons have two types of attacks. Think Light attack and Heavy attack. Duh! But, what a lot of people don’t realize that if you do a heavy attack immediately after a light attack— you actually get a different animation than if you did the heavy attack by itself. Play around and make some combos!

10. Don’t be afraid of combat. Pay attention to each enemy, learn how they move, what patterns they tend to have, just keep fighting! Even fight the really tough looking foes. Early on I wanted to smash my head against the wall while getting crushed some big time baddies. But, when you finally land that kill it is so so satisfying. In the end. And, through the failure it made me a better player.

This is the ending of Combat tips for melee weapons guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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