Outward – Best 10 Way How to Make Money Easily

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to explain Best 10 Way How to Make Money Easily in Outward game. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Outward delivers an immersive RPG experience coupled with survival gameplay, offering a deeply-rewarding challenge for the most avid gamers. This guide provides you to have effective ways of making money. The guide is also in progress, so you can help to make it better.

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Best 10 Way How to Make Money Easily

1- Silver is pretty easy to make, think about it logically if it’s not a humanoid it isn’t worth your time if you’re looking for money. Every bandit you kill will be at least 10 silver, and I’ve never seen a bandit alone. 3 days to get 150 silver for your house is simple, even though you don’t need to do it. Try and remember prices of weapons/armors/shields so you can prioritize which to pick up and which to leave behind. You also don’t need a whole lot of stockpiled resources, if you have gone and killed a bunch of hyenas you shouldn’t have 30 leather in your storage 5 will do until you think of a reason you might need it, turn the rest into a couple hundred silver best not to do this with cooking/alchemy resources until you know which you need.

2- You can cook for the prison and gain thousands of silver per hour there. It’s a prison fort near the starting city. If you go there and talk to the captain he will knock you out and take your things. You wake up in a dungeon with other prisoners (slaves). Immediately go find the guards at the exit gate and ask them to do other work. Go left down that hall to the cook and he gives you free supplies to cook for him. He also gives the recipe. Easy money, and seems to have no limit as my stash is now at 500k+ silver.

Once you can’t carry any more go find your things in the chest nearby and then go back to the same guard and ask to leave. Pay him 30 silver go home store your coin and come back talk to the captain to start it all over.

If you get “killed” by bandits you have a chance of being sent to this fort (prison) as well.

3- If you want to play legit, it’s very easy to make money. Buy yourself a halberd or 2handed sword and upgrade it to fanged asap. Kill everything you see, gather every bush, fish all the fisheries and sell everything.You’ll get to 500+ in no time.

4- Go east of the starting city, kill all bandits you meet and go into the cave Blister Barrow for some easy troggs. After that you can go to the purple mountain and mine all the mana crystals there. Each one is worth 60+ gold of loot. You’ll get to 4K very fast.  Once you have 300+ gold I strongly recommend you to head to Monsoon in the Hallow marshes and buy 100 kg bag. Just run past everything, don’t try to fight.

5-Desert is the best place to make money. I spent like 10 hours in the beginning area and I was able to find some decent gear and armor and I made like 1000 gold. I got my secret backpack which has 110 capacity. I read somewhere that in desert you can make money. Also I didn’t choose any faction yet. I like free roaming so far. I went to forest then desert. Within couple hours I made like 1000 gold. Some easy mobs drop sword and shield that sells for 70 gold each. I have been in desert for like 10 hours so far and I made like 8000 golds so far and still farming. As an advice in desert, have enough water and food, Hot weather def gear, Ice-flame torch, healing potion and bandages. walk around and loot the chests, they have tones of bandages. Also mine salt deposit and harvest cactus. you can cook tones of travel ration for yourself.

6- If you hunt the white birds there’s a rare drop for the mask which gives +20% move speed. Get a ton of move speed bonus and you run so fast you might as well use hit and run tactics with flintlock pistols and fast hitting weapons.

7- Fishing is one of the most important ways to get money since you can get rare fish and blue sand

8- Fish and seaweed can be cooked together to make a mana dish that sells well. Fish along the coast and just watch out for those shrimpy bois

9- Hyenas are easier to kill with halbards, chicken you will need a blow or weapon with bleed/poison or just something with very high damage…..Kill all the chicken you see until you get a mask with +20% movement speed. Then go through Cierzo storage and save the sailor on the beach, make sure it’s night so you can gather blue sand from the beach, fish, get seaweed and mine ammolite, stay very far from the pistol crabs

10- You can essentially buy oil from merchants and use alchemy to turn them into warming potions for great return of value. Just go to your bed and wait out another day for them to restock and repeat. I personally don’t like it, but it’s the safest/easiest way to get the gold you need to equip some decent armor (recommend the master trader armor set) and a good weapon and some training before you head out there seriously.

Here is the warming potion recipe:

Get several water skins so you have about three total and put a fireplace down next to the water purifier in town. Set up an alchemist station on top of the fireplace and just leave it there.
The recipe is 1x Water 1x Thick Oil, and it will brew three potions that sell for four silver each. That means each Thick Oil is worth TWELVE silver. You buy them from the traders for I think two silver each. That means a ten silver profit for each oil. It’s insanely easy money but it’s boring.

This is the ending of Outward – Best 10 Way How to Make Money Easily guide. I hope it will helps you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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