Outlaws of the Old West – How to Fix Disappearing Server

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to explain How to Fix Disappearing Server in the Outlaws of the Old West game. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Outlaws of the Old West is a massively multiplayer survival MMO with a huge world, thousands of items and a modular building system. Survive the wild, build your own homestead, defeat villainous bandits and work with others to tame the Wild West.

This guide will show you how to overcome the currently super annoying situation where the server you were playing on disappears and leaves you annoyed and lonely.

How to Fix Disappearing Server

This is by far the most annoying problem with this game.
There are a few and i’m happy the devs are working hard at fixing them but holy hell this one is annoying.

Servers regularly disappear from the server list for some unknown reason, based on what we’ve figured out so far it’s either something to do with your ping to that server or which sub-servers you’re internet is routing you through.

We figured this out via setting VPN to different servers and it would make servers that are usually invisible to us suddenly reappear, especially when we set it to the same city the server is hosted in.

The solution to disappearing servers:

  1. Go to your steam client and press view, then go to servers
  2. Click the √ćNTERNET tab on the top left, then look at the bottom left – there is a scroller you can go through to pick OOTOW (the game)
  3. Once you’ve picked that it will start filtering for ONLY that game and you can then use the other filters at the top of the screen to find your server, assuming you remember the name.
    You can filter via ping, player count etc etc, you can also just click the SERVERS tab at the top and it will sort them alphabetically.
  4. Joining the game: We have found that finding the server via the steam view/servers list and then opening server info and clicking join game WITHOUT the game already loaded to be the most effective way, if you try to do it while the game is already loaded sometimes it just wont work, dunno why.
  5. Add the server you’re regularly playing on to your favourites list

Steam can sometimes be autistic and not add it to history, so we wouldn’t rely on that.

This is the ending of the guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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