Otaku’s Adventure All Endings Guide

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Otaku’s Adventure All Endings Guide

Waiting for you, Mei

This ending is the first ending that you can get in the game.
when you meet Mei Mei in the KY cafe, she should tell you that she wants to pick up a call and she runs away from you, then there will be two option, choose to wait for Mei’s to come back, then there you have it.

Sudden love

When you are in the convenience store, a girl(Waifu) will come in soon, after she came in, you should have 3 ways to intro yourself, choose “I love you”, after it, the storekeeper will fall in love on you.

Single God, Successor

When you in the convenience store, don’t save the girl (Do Nothing) when the light falls off, after that go to the arcade hall, the play with the girl with the yellow jacket, and lose the game, then you will go into the single dog ending

Farewell, Waifu

When you at the park, Waifu will tell you that she needs to hide from Man in Black, and when the Man in black ask you where is the girl, just tell the Man in Black you saw Waifu in any way you cannot prove you are a girl.

Waifu turns old

In the Hospital find the Remote, back to the room where Waifu, than Drag the remote to Waifu,
and then she turns old.
(isn’t Waifu die because Blood lost too much??)

A Blatant Failure

When you and Waifu arrived at The Mystery, There should be few ways to get the ending
1.shoot the guards
2.Shoot the sleeping guard
3.shoot the talking guards
(all of them is shooting guards XD)

Useless Me

Die in the first Shooting game in the city

Useless Me II

Die in the second Shooting game in The Mystery

Overly Strong opponent

Get beaten by Old Bean

Otaku Savior

After you beat Old bean, Waifu should betray you, and old bean will let you travel back to the day you meet waifu at the convenience store, than just like the beginning you can ‘Push her away’ or ‘Do nothing’, this time choose to ‘Do nothing’ then you will get the ending.

Meet, Than Farewell

When you and the yellow jacket girl went to the comic and anime show, before you go inside, choose to just go inside, don’t hold each other hand.

This is the ending of Otaku’s Adventure All Endings Guide guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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