Onimusha: Warlords All Achievements Guide (Secrets & Story Related)

Onimusha: Warlords / 鬼武者 game guide focuses on how to get all achievements walkthrough. These secrets are secrets and story related. This achievement guide will give you tips and tricks to collect all of them. We hope that this guide will help you.

All Achievements Guide

  • Your Soul is Mine Achievement

Use the gauntlet to absorb demon souls.


About 10 minutes into the game (if you don’t skip the cut scenes) you be given a gauntlet and a quick tutorial on how to absorb souls.

Shortly after this you will come across 4 or 5 enemies attacking a wooden fort. Slice them up, when they’re dead they’ll leave behind some red floating orbs. As the tutorial states, hold down B to absorb them.

  • Lightning Strikes Achievement

Obtain the Shiden.


You will need this to progress so don’t worry about missing it. If you’re somehow stuck:

It’s the blue flashy orb you come to

  • Raging Flames Achievement

Obtain the Kouen.

  • A Storm is Coming Achievement

Obtain the Arashi.


Story related and can’t be missed. If you want to know exactly when you find it, open the spoiler below.

Marcellus drops it after you defeat him on the roof of the abandoned keep

  • Vengeance Achievement (Secret)

Defeat Osric.

  • Slaying in the Moonlight Achievement (Secret)

Defeat Marcellus.

  • There Can Be Only One Achievement (Secret)

Defeat Stylado.


If anyone is struggling to get a hit on Stylado cause of his constant blocking, take advantage of tank controls using the D pad. If you press down on the D pad you will take a step back which is as close to a dodge as this game provide. Just before Stylado attacks take a step or two back then attack, you’ll get a few hits in or an opportunity for a magic attack. Rinse and repeat and eventually he’ll go down.

The boss fight itself is not long after you take control of Samanosuke again after a short period of controlling Kaede.

  • Axe-ecutioner Achievement (Secret)

Defeat Barabazuu.


After witnessing the demon land gate erupt through the keep, exit the keep and go through the west gate that you took earlier. Continue following the path until you get to a big red demon with a huge axe and 3 smaller yellow ones. Beat the red guy for the cheev to pop.

  • Pest Exterminator Achievement (Secret)

Defeat Hecuba.

  • Elite Demon Slayer Achievement (Secret)

Defeat Marcellus’s final form.

  • Save the Princess Achievement (Secret)

Defeat Fortinbras.


Just a little tip if you are trying to do this without upgrading weapons or healing or using jewels, you are going to want to get the bishomon sword out of dark realm. That’s a huge pain but at least you’ll be able to mop the floor with this guy without having to watch the unskippable cutscene over and over.

Now, you should be aware that it’s still really hard if you dont use the bishomon sword correctly. You want to use the magic attack with “y” when he slumps forward ONLY….he can take 8-9 swings to stagger with the magic attack. Even though you have unlimited magic and he looks like he is getting hurt more with the blue fire all over his body, you want to use regular attacks with “x” to make him slump over first. THEN smack him in the head with “y”. He’ll go down much faster this way, which is good, because that tiny health bar can only take about 3 hits in this fight.

  • The Silent Thinker Achievement

Solve the crest puzzle.

  • Keep to Yourself Achievement

Enter the abandoned keep.

  • Occult Unsealed Achievement

Unseal the path to the Keep Underground.


To unlock the path, you need all 3 swords. You will get them as the story unfolds so this is unmissable.

  • Wish I Had This Sooner! Achievement

Obtain the Sacred Knife.


When playing as the ninja girl, you will eventually enter the keep that’s on fire. You need to go upstairs, and in a box is the knife.

Downstairs is blocked by demon tenticles, and you need the knife to cut through them, so this cheev is unmissable.

  • Glimmering Waters Achievement

Use the Decorated Sword to enter the East Area.


After watching the demon land gate erupt from the ground you will need to go back outside the keep.

Go to the lock east gate at the bottom of the ramp to see it explode with new enemies.

Kill them and then go back up towards the keep, and go through the gate to the west. Follow the path to eventually right a huge red demon with an axe. You can avoid this fight and get the sword from behind him, but beating him get you another cheev.

Return to the keep and the busted east gate, and place the sword in the stone. Once you go through the gate, the cheev will pop.

  • When Worlds Collide Achievement

Open the gate to the Demon World.

  • Just Halfway Achievement

Complete the first half of the Dark Realm.

  • A Survivor to the End Achievement

Complete the second half of the Dark Realm.


To access the dark realm, wait until the last possible moment before taking the great bow/arrow to the Demon Gate…that’s the save point on the ground floor of the castle. You’ll find an upside down man in the corner who will offer to take you. Before you go…

Get the Ogre armor from the decoder box behind the waterfall in the East area. You should have some bullets if all you have used them on is the bee boss. Enhance ALL of your bullets to burst bullets. Upgrade your arrows to fire arrows while you’re at it. You should also have a talisman and 3 soul absorbers from thorough exploration and saving soldiers.

So use burst ammo for crowd control. It’s great on the insects, tentacled enemies, and even ninjas if you’re quick enough (remember you cant block with the gun equipped).  You’ll get one more talisman on the way down and those are your only means of healing if you aren’t a counter master. Your soul absorbers are clutch  are at the “blue” area,. Just activate it and hold b and all enemies dissolve…it will get almost all your enemies, depending on how fast they spawn in.

  • Blunt Sword, Sharp Mind Achievement

Complete the game on Normal without enhancing swords or using Jewels.

Playthrough 1

Play on Normal. Save often and create multiple save files. Get all the collectables and in particular, all 20 fluorite. Also, make sure you get the bishumon sword. After completing the game with all 20 fluorite a mini-game called “Oni Spirits” will become available. Complete this game and you will be able to take the bishumon sword + infinite magic into the “ulitimate difficulty.”

Playthrough 2

Play on ultimate difficulty with the intention of getting an S ranking. This will be a joke with the infinite magic, arrows, bullets and the big sword. Make sure you create a save point just before using the arrow to enter the underworld. If you finish the game with less than the 500 required kills, go back and farm the “dark realm”. An S rank is +500 kills, +50,000 souls and less than 3 hours; pausing adds to your time.

The Ultimate Champion Achievement

Complete the game on Ultimate difficulty.

Complete Oni Spirits mini-game once, afterwards Ultimate difficulty will be unlocked from the start menu, then simply play through the game on this difficulty.


This is the ending of Onimusha: Warlords All Achievements Guide (Secrets & Story Related) guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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