One Hour One Life Newcomen, Oil and Diesel Prologue Guide

One Hour One Life game guide focuses on Newcomen, Oil and Diesel Prologue Guide. This guide will describe what you need to know to get started making the advanced tech in the game. This guide will contain short guides to smithing, stoneworking and rubber. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Newcomen, Oil and Diesel Prologue Guide


Smithing is one of the skills in game that can make you a great value to your family. I won’t be covering everything regarding, but I’ll cover enough for you to be able to dive into the more advanced tech. This section has the presumption that you already got a smith set up ready, so I won’t be covering smith set-up.

First thing you need to know is how to make charcoal. This image shows that process:

Now that you have charcoal the next step is refining the iron ore into iron bars. This process is shown here:

You can use these iron bars to make steel, which is done in crucibles showcasing in the following process (Extra Tip: You remove charcoal from the forge by using a basket):

After you have gotten steel bars you can begin forging tools. You get the tool you want by hitting the hot steel bar the correct number of times. The order is shown here:

When it comes to actually constructing these tools you need to add a long shaft to the tool head. There are exceptions I’ll list here:

* Chisel – Doesn’t need any shaft

* Froe – Needs a short shaft

* File – Doesn’t need a shaft. It does have it’s own special preparation process I won’t cover in this guide

* Blade blank – Doesn’t need a shaft. Blade blank is useless unless you have a file.

– Hit once with file equals blade. Very important in my later guides. Needs short shaft to make a knife

– Hit twice with file equals saw head. Need a curved shaft to make a saw

Stone work

To work with stones you need a chisel and a mallet in your disposal. If you are missing a mallet all you need to do is a butt log with an adze. Here’s a set of images showing the process of making stone blocks out of stone:


Getting Rubber

To get rubber you will need a knife, a bucket and two bowls at your disposal. For this task you will probably need to move out and find these three things to get what you need:

One of the more complicated processes involved with rubber is producing palm oil. This image shows how to go from palm kernels to palm oil:

Now to produce rubber!:

(Might want to zoom for this one)

Outside of being able to make advanced with rubber you can also use it for other things. You can for example upgrade regular carts with two complete tires to get an upgraded cart. This cart moves faster than the old one and can carry 6 items instead of just 4. You can also make a rubber ball, which is a toy even newborns can pick up. To do this you just pick the rubber out of the bucket with a bowl instead of your hands and roast it.

This is the ending of One Hour One Life Newcomen, Oil and Diesel Prologue Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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