Omensight Achievements Guide

Omensight game guide focuses on all achievements guide. The guide will give achievements for story, missable, unmissable, combat in Omensight game. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

All Achievements Guide

Omensights (Story, Unmissable)

  • A Murder Mystery

Witness Voden’s appearance for the first time.

  • Omensight

Unlock your first Omensight

  • Making a murderer

Unlock your second Omensight

  • The plot thickens

Unlock the last Omensight

You will unlock these achievements as you progress through the story. At key points, “visions” of the past called “Omensights” will be revealed to you. You may use these to show the truth to others.

– You get “A Murder Mystery” at the end of the first day

Seals (Story, Unmissable)

  • Pygarian Seal

Unlock the Pygarian Seal

  • Rodentian Seal

Unlock the Rodentian Seal

  • Vera’s Seal

Unlock the Vera’s Seal

  • Kladen Seal

Unlock the Kladen Seal

You will unlock these achievements as you progress through the story. These achievements are basically for the “keys” to unlock the seals, you get them as you experience different paths. The order here is the order you get them throughout the story.

Pygarian Seal: Unlocked when Draga unlocks Fury, the war machine.

Rodentian Seal: Unlocked when Ratika unlocks the secret escape passage.

Vera’s Seal: Unlocked when you visit Vera’s grave along Ludomir.

Kladen Seal: Unlocked when Indrik reveals it in Tomb of Emperors.

Bosses (Story, Unmissable)

  • Yield, Draga

Defeat Draga in battle

  • Farewell Ratika

Defeat Ratika in battle

  • You’re going down, Ludomir

Defeat Ludomir in battle

  • Die, Indrik, die

Defeat Indrik in battle

  • Voden Slayer

Imprison Voden

You will unlock these achievements as you progress through the story. Basically, encounter each one of our lovely (not-so-lovely Voden too) characters in battle at least once and defeat them.

Enemy Headcount (Combat, Unmissable)

  • Pygarian Slayer

Kill 100 Pygarian soldiers

  • Rodentian Slayer

Kill 100 Rodentian fighters

  • Void Slayer

Kill 100 Ciphers

You unlock these three in combat, you can’t miss it because you eventually kill way more than 100 of each enemy type at some point.

Skill Use Count (Combat, Missable)

  • Tag team

Use Companion ability 50 times

  • Master of Fate

Use Delay of Fate 20 times

  • Grab and Throw

Use Phantom Grasp 50 times

  • Mobile fighter

Use Phantom Dash 30 times

  • Who needs swords

Use Lethal Flurry 20 times

  • Flurry Master

Use Lethal Flurry 20 times

As long as you have enough variety in your combos, you will unlock these over time, when fighting. Just don’t mash the buttons and instead, perform some sick combos!

Upgrades (Missable)

  • True Aegis

Unlock all Harbinger’s Aegis upgrades

  • Sword master

Unlock all Harbinger’s Blade upgrades

You get extra Amber for performing combos or hitting enemies with certain skills. You can also get some Amber by breaking barrels/pottery or opening chests. You eventually upgrade all your arsenal close to the end except a few ones and those are also done by the time you play through the second major part of the game.

Challenges (Combat, Missable)

  • Tactician

Throw a bomb towards a column while inside Delay of Fate’s sphere

  • Opportunist

Kill 2 enemies with the same column

  • Phantom Combo

Launch a Phantom Blast on an enemy thrown with Phantom Grasp, while inside Delay of Fates’ sphere

  • Barrage of Blasts

Launch 4 Phantom Blasts while inside Delay of Fate’s sphere

  • Masterful denial

Break a barrel thrown by a Shark while it’s in the air, by throwing a barrel at it

  • Flurry of Death

Execute two Lethal Flurries in a row

  • Most Valuable Player

Unlock all bonuses at the end of a day

All of these achievements explains themselves in their text. Here are some tips for the ones that are more complicated and require some extra levels and/or information beforehand.

Opportunist: Check the areas for pillars and try luring 2 enemies to where the pillar falls (you’ll learn how and where they fall, you need explosions or impacts to knock them).

Barrage of Blasts: Requires at least 4 energy cells. Just spam-hold X (or whatever the key is on KB, I used a controller myself) 4 times in a row after casting Fate’s Sphere.

Masterful Denial: You need to encounter a Shark Cipher in a room that has barrels. Simply kill the small fry and wait for the big boy to grab a barrel. (Optional) Cast Fate’s Sphere and throw a barrel to the incoming barrel.

Flurry of Death: Requires at least 6 energy cells when unupgraded (3 per cast). If you are struggling with this one in normal combat, try doing it when you are using the Kladen. It regenerates energy over time so all you need is to wait before combat and spam-hold Y when you are in combat, two times in a row.

Most Valuable Player: Tough one. You need to get all bonuses at the end of the day EXCEPT Omensight one. Use bombs and your companion skill as often as possible, possibly in combat. Getting hit doesn’t matter as long as you survive.
You can pull this off in the very first day. Pick Draga as the first choice. To note:

Miscellaneous Achievements

  • Mario wannabe

Jump on the head of all your companions

  • Ruthless

Kill a surrendering enemy

  • Completionist

Unlock all other trophies

These are the achievements that don’t fit the rest of the categories.

Mario Wannabe: Jump on all of your companions until they give a reaction

Ruthless: When you kill enemies very quickly, the last survivor will sometimes surrender. You know what to do.

This is the ending of Omensight Achievements Guideguide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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