Mystic Vale Beginners Guide

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Beginners Guide

Game Components

Up to 2 advancements may be purchased during the Harvest Phase using mana. They are used for card crafting. Advancements at level 1 are less costly, but those at levels 2 and 3 provide more spirit symbols, victory points, or better abilities.

• Play advancements to blank cards first in order to harvest mana, spirit symbols, and victory points more frequently.

• Avoid playing advancements to cards with Cursed Lands unless they include growth symbols. You will want to use abilities to discard those cards instead.

• If a card’s abilities conflict, the player will be allowed to keep only one. Play advancements with abilities to cards that have none first.

Vale Cards
Up to 2 vale cards may be purchased during the Harvest Phase using spirit symbols. Some vale cards have abilities that can be used only once. Others have abilities that can be used each turn until the game ends. Vale cards with no abilities award victory points.

• Vale cards that provide mana, spirit symbols, or victory points each turn have more impact when purchased early in the game.

• Purchase vale cards that award blue victory points when you want to end the match as soon as possible. Otherwise, go for the gray.

• By looking at another player’s field, you can predict which vale cards he or she will purchase on the next turn. If you can, take those vale cards for yourself in order to slow that particular player down.

Mana Token
When active, this token indicates that the player has a single mana on reserve to spend. It will remain active until it is spent.

Victory Points
Victory points are needed to win the game. Blue victory points are scored during the Harvest Phase. Gray victory points are added to the player’s total at the end of the game.

Guardian Symbol
Advancements marked with the guardian symbol may be grouped together on the same card to score victory points, gain additional income, or strengthen abilities.

Growth and Decay Symbols
Decay limits the size of a field. No more than 3 of these symbols are allowed in the field at any time or it will be spoiled. Growth can be used to cancel decay.

Spirit Symbols
The 4 spirit symbols (Animal Spirit, Forest Spirit, Sky Spirit, and Wild Spirit) are used to purchase vale cards. Wild Spirit can be used as any of the other 3 spirit symbols. Therefore, it is the most valuable.

How the Game Works

The deck for each player in Mystic Vale contains 20 cards. At the start of a match, it includes:

• 9 cards with Cursed Lands
• 8 empty cards
• 3 cards with Fertile Soil

The goal of the game is to be the player with the most victory points. You could focus solely on scoring points from start to finish, but this would surely take you on a journey of self-defeat. The fancy stuff (higher level advancements and vale cards) costs a lot of mana and spirit symbols. This means that you will need to secure a respectable income to remain competitive.

The source of your income is the field — the bigger it is, the better off you will be. Decay causes the field to become smaller. Thanks to the 9 Cursed Lands in the deck, the odds of getting a large field to work with are poor. You will want to improve those odds to make sure that there will always be enough mana and spirit symbols to make meaningful purchases.

So, play involves both generating income and scoring points. Neither aspect of the game can be ignored. Maintaining a balance between the two can be a challenge, however. The advancements and vale cards you need may not be available. Focus on generating income early in the game to avoid setbacks later on. Scoring points will naturally take priority once your income is substantial.

Victory Point Pool and Number of Players

The length of a match is determined by the total number of blue victory points available. The more of these there are, the longer a match will take. Also, the number of players in a match has a noticeable impact on the availability of advancements and vale cards. These two factors should be taken into consideration when you are deciding how to spend your mana.

• There may not be time to raise the income needed for high level advancements or vale cards in shorter matches. So, taking risks may be necessary to gain the advantage.

• Guardian advancements carry more risk than advancements that score victory points in shorter matches or matches with several players because there is less opportunity to unlock their benefits.

• Advancements and vale cards that generate income are crucial in matches with several players. If you do not purchase enough of them before they run out, you will be locked out of the competition.

Counting Decay

Counting decay is a strategy that can be used to maximize the output of your field. By counting the combined total of Cursed Lands in the discard and your field, you can determine how many are remaining in the deck. This information can help you decide whether it would be too risky to push the next card onto your field.

For example: 3 Cursed Lands in the field + 2 Cursed Lands in the discard = a combined total of 5 Cursed Lands. This would mean that there were 4 Cursed Lands still hidden somewhere in the deck. If 13 cards were left in the deck, there would be a 31% chance to draw a card with decay. Those odds would change depending on the total amount of growth or decay added to the deck, of course.

Strategic Spoiling

There will be times when your field is so small that you can only afford an advancement that you don’t need or none at all. If one or two Cursed Lands are left in the deck and you would score no points and have no vale cards, you may actually want to go ahead and spoil the field. By taking the extra decay to the discard, you better the chance for a larger field on the next turn and gain one mana.

This is the ending of Mystic Vale Beginners Guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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