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Far in the East, the Kingdom of the Khergit Khanate awaits. In a land full of Steppe Bandits, the land of the Khergits is a tough one. Surrounded on mountains on both sides and harrased by enemies, the Khergits have a hard start. With armies heavily focused on Cavalry, the Khergits can run down their enemies into the ground. Using my own game experience, I will show you how to play, win, and conquer as the Khergit Khanate, one of the hardest factions, in my opinion, to play.

Kingdom of the Khergit Khanate

First Steps

Since when I started off as a Lord, I needed to get some more renown and meet new Lords. Already this was a struggle, because I was not as fast as some of them. I did the beginning quests to gain some experience and some denars in my pocket. Training up my army was and still is difficult. The area of the Khergits is known for the Steppe Bandits, which are similar to the Desert Bandits in the south, except they are all cavalry units.

The army makeup of the Khergits is all cavalry, except for the Khergit Tribesman, which are the only footman units. The one thing that I have struggled with and will continue to struggle with, is money and fighting the Steppe Bandits. There have been times when my army was too weak or it was too strong. For example, a group of Steppe Bandits would be too small and I couldn’t catch up with them or the group of Steppe Bandits would be too strong and I wouldn’t be able to defeat them.

This is the case for all bandit groups, but it was really challenging to build up a decent sized army. I did loads of quests for the local Kherhit Lords and eventually was hired as a mercenary for the Khergits. This is my first step towards becoming a vassal, which is my goal of the campaign. Another goal is to have some fiefs under my control and to own some businesses within the Khergit Khanate Lands.

Vassal, Village, Too Many Wars, and the End!

After fighting the foes of the Khanate for awhile and gaining some more renown, I went to Sanjar Khan and he allowed me to become his vassal. He gave me the village of Tulbuk. Still no castle yet, but I can only hope that I can get one soon.

AfterI became a vassal, everything became very difficult. The Vaegirs, Nords, and Sarranids declared war and knocked down the Khergits to just a bunch of castles and no towns. I lost my entire army of cavalry and a few mercenaries to the various lords. My village was constantly raided and there was no point in raising up an army during the multiple wars. So I waited it out in a few castles, only leaving when the enemy beseiged it.

The one thing that I have noticed, is that the Khergits are good out in the field, but not so good when it comes to Siege battles and some field battles. Most of the cavalry units in my army, such as Khergit Horseman, Skirmishers, and Horse Archers, are lightly armored, while the Khergit Lancer is the only heavily armored unit that I have.

With this being said, it has been hard to win battles against factions that have more armored units, such as the Vaegirs and Swadians. My army was crushed by a Swadian army of only 30, while I had an army of 60 total. I have also noticed that the Khergit Lords wanted constant wars with the other factions, while not having the army strength to fight them off, making this gameplay one of the hardest gameplays that I have done. With three different wars going on with various factions, it is hard to have a set focus on which enemy to go after in the various wars.

Unfortunately for me, this is where the guide and gameplay ends. Sanjar Khan was taken captive and the last castle was taken. The Khergit Khanate is no more in this gameplay. After waiting for a long time, there was no way that that the faction would be able to rebuild itself. So, as a wandering Lord with no army of a faction that can’t rebuild itself, the game was not enjoyable.

I would be fast travelling for hours and waiting at various castles, getting captured, and paying money to bandit groups for passage.I ended up losing all my money and gear in the process as well. I am unable to join any other faction because I am still bound to Sanjar Khan. I can’t undo the bond because he himself is captured in a town that I can’t reach.

As sad as it is for the guide on the Khergits to end like this, I have learned a lot. One, the Khergits dominate field battles, but stink when it comes to siege battles. Their units are not armored enough to take on more than one faction. This guide gameplay could have gone a lot better if the Khergits were only fighting against one faction, not three or four at once. (Yes at one point in this gameplay it was Vaegirs, Nords, Sarranids, and Swadia all against the Khergits)

Another thing that I have learned is that the Khergit Khanate is a hard faction to play as. Maybe your game experience was not the same as mine or maybe it was. The game is always different every time I end up playing as a new character. It was interesting to see a faction do well and then fall to nothing. I don’t regret playing as the Khergit Khanate. It was a very interesting experience to play as this faction, which prides itself on only cavalry based armies. I personally think that to win as this faction, a good cavalry army has to be established first and only one war with a faction at a time. Too many wars was obviosuly not good at all for this gameplay.

This is the ending of the guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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