MORDHAU Quick Tips and Tricks

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on MORDHAU Quick Tips and Tricks. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

MORDHAU Quick Tips and Tricks

  1. Check the ground for medic bags, they get dropped pretty often by support players but often go completely ignored. They will completely heal you.
  2. Pressing R will change your grip on your weapon. This makes it possible to use the Lute as a weapon and for single handed weapons it will throw them. Becareful as the wind up takes a good 1-2 seconds and you can’t cancel it, and obviously you won’t have your weapon and will have to pick it up.
  3. Don’t forget about the perks! I completely missed these at first and some of them are pretty useful. “Friendly” makes you do less and take less friendly damage. “Bloodlust” completely restores your health on kill.
  4. Horses are a lot of fun, but try to use the right weapons with them. High damage and high reach swinging weapons are usually best but on some maps (like Tiagra) Lances will spawn next to the horses. These are really powerful once you get the hang of them.
  5. While on horseback you should make movement the priority. If you stop in the wrong spot you will be killed very quickly and probably give the enemy a free horse. When doing attack runs always know where you are going and don’t try to make sharp turns to hit your target, better to miss them than to run into a tree and be surrounded by the enemy.
  6. The Toolbox (first weapon for the Engineer) might do more than you realize. It can build barriers with arrow slits to provide archers with cover or block doorways but if you press R you can also build spike barriers. These seem to instantly kill anyone that runs into them too hard (haven’t totally tested it, walking near it seems fine, walking/sprinting at it kills you for sure). But you can also build mini-Ballistas! You need 6 ammo to build one and when you spawn you only have 3. These ballistas fire fast and have 5 shots in their “magazine” that slowly replinish. They do decent damage but have very limited side to side motion.
  7. On the map “Camp” outside the Red fort is a large Ballista and it might be my favorite thing in the game. It is slow to reload but fires a devestating shot that will insta kill most enemies (and severly damage or kill your friends). It also has limited side to side motion, you cannot cover the command point with it but it is great for taking out flanking soldiers and enemies on horseback. The “missiles” (arrows/whatever) pierce and you can hit multiple enemies with 1 shot.
  8. If you are on Blue team and the ballista is giving you trouble you can pretty easily out flank it and kill the guy using it. When you do make sure to destroy the ballista as well, it takes some time to respawn. You can also mostly ignore it, it doesn’t cover anything you absolutely need to have control of. Learn how far to either side it can aim and stay out of that area if someone is doing pretty well with it.
  9. You can kick open closed doors, and doing so will knock over anyone standing right behind it.
  10. It seems that shields block attacks even if you aren’t parrying, but you need to have it actually intercept the attack or arrow. This is rather unreliable for swinging attacks but seems to work okay for arrows and stabs.
  11. You need to be careful of players covered in blood when you are figuring out which team they are on. It is very easy for blue players to look like red players due to the blood splatter.
  12. If you want to build or repair a structure, a wooden mallet usually spawns somewhere nearby, but not always.
  13. Every map has multiple restock stations marked by 3 arrows in a circle. This icon only appears if you are close enough so if you need ammo, run back towards base or a major control point and look for the icon.
  14. When you are in the armory and editing your character you can edit their face by actually click on it in the “head” section. I’m rather embarrassed that I didn’t realize this for my first 5 characters.
  15. In the armor section you can edit a sigil or logo. This doesn’t appear on every type of armor but does appear on shields, which you might want to equip just to make it easier to edit.
  16. I like to have 1 “blank slate” mercenary that I copy whenever I want to make a new one. That way all of my characters look the same, with the same face, voice, and sigil.
  17. Trivia: Most of the spiral staircases are wrong in the game! When building real castles, spiral staircases almost always go up and to the right. This makes it easy for the defenders to attack with their right hands around the inside of the curve and difficult for the attackers to do the same. It provides a sort of cover for the people at the top of the stairs. Almost none of the staircases in the game follow this.

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This is the ending of the guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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