MORDHAU How to Play Lute

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How to Play Lute

People using a bot to play it. There are not many things about the way to play it manually and how it works. This guide is short info about lute.

It works based on the attack you are performing. The crosshair displays a small arrow indicating in what direction your next attack would be. These directions correspond with different notes.

I’m not sure but it doesn’t quite feel like an octave. I’ve bound the directions to different keys in the settings(which is a must if you really care to play any songs) but found it still quite difficult to play anything. I saw some guy playing pirates of the caribbean but I’m fairly certain he must’ve used the bot you mentioned.


Just don´t use the bot, and every attack button produces another typ of sound. So..technicly if you invest alot of time you could play songs yourself (in the realm of possibilty)

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