MORDHAU How to make a Whiterun Guard Guide

MORDHAU game guide focuses on how to make a Whiterun Guard Guide. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

MORDHAU How to make a Whiterun Guard Guide

Would you like to know how to become a guard? Well would you like to punish those pesky griefers with style? Good! Because that means this guide is for you


  • For the Emblem you pick the Knight , with the colors #16 and #10 respectively.
  • For the Metal Tint I went with #9 but it isn’t that important

Head Gear

The best choice for the guard helmet is the Pointy Templar
Though you could also use the Greathelm or a few others as a temporary replacement


My choice for the neck piece is the Gorget as you cannot color the white cloth on the Padded Hood , at least I could not.


The best choice here is hands down the Chainmail Tabard (For the colors, pick #16 for both)


You have a few options, the Worker Scarf, Wanderers Scarf or the Short Mantle though I think the best pick here is the Worker Scarf (Again for the colors go with #16)


Again there’s a few different things you could choose, you can have nothing, the Checkered Gambeson Short Sleeve, Bracers or the Rolled Cloth . Though With the Chainmail Tabard I think the Checkered Gambeson Short Sleeve look the best. (For the Gambeson Sleeves go with #7, you can obviously choose other colors, this is my preference)


The Whiterun Gards do not have anything on their hands, yet you could still go Leather Gloves, Checkered Leather Gloves or the Long Sleeve Leather Gloves, 


You cannot equp anything for the waist if you have the Chainmail Tabard


For the legs you can pick Baggy Pants, Hunters Hosen or Chainmail Hosen but I think the Baggy Pants fit the look the most (For colors I picked #15)


For the feet you can go with Footsoldier Boots, Laced Boots or the Fur Boots though I think the Laced Bootsresemble the ingame ones the most. (For the Laced Booths I picked the color #2)


I will provide a list of weapons you could use

  • Arming Sword (With Viking skin) 
  • Axe (With the Horseman’s Axe skin)
  • Mace (With the Fringe Head)
  • Recurve or LongbowYou could of course go other weapons like Halberd, Bardiche, Greatsword etc.


  • Targe
  • Heater Shield

This is the ending of MORDHAU How to make a Whiterun Guard Guide guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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