MORDHAU How to Farm Gold/XP Fast

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How to Farm Gold/XP Fast

There are two ways to get/farm gold/exp fastly.

1. Way

  • Play horde mode on Camp.
  • Get a recurve bow and sit in the tower that you can only access from a ladder.
  • AI cant climb ladders so they blob up underneath the tower and you can get easy headshots.
  • There is also a fire bomb spawn underneath the tent next to the tower so if there is a large blob of enemies under the tower,
  • You can buy multiple crossbows though for more ammo, and also put down the mounted ballista at an angle that the bots will run through repeatedly (tool box + ammo are right by the tower next to the campfire/mine entrance).
  • Doing this, getting to wave 21 (final wave) will net you about 1.5k gold/xp.
  • Do this with 2-4 friends and you can clear waves so quickly.

2. Way

  • Open the server browser
  • Choose any available community Duel server
  • Fight another player. If you win you will get 500 gold and 400 XP. If you lose you still get 300 gold

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