Mordhau Best of 7 Tournaments

Mordhau game guide focuses on Mordhau Best of 7 Tournaments – Mordhau Heptathlon. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Mordhau Best of 7 Tournaments

Frying pan duel

For the first part we will require 2 frying pans per person and preferably no armor.

We recommend using the “Contraband” map for this since it is easier to count our steps here and for that purpose. We shall use the tiles on the floor, the opponents should stand back to back on the tile in front of the ammo crate and take ten tiles worth of steps in opposite directions after which turn around and throw one of their pans at their foe aiming to hit them. After both sides have used their “ammunition” they are to charge at each other with the frying pans and partake in the beating of one’s ♥♥♥♥ out.

Scythe duel

The second fight shall be fought on scythes, with no armor, beware for the first strike landed might very well be the last. If you or your opponent is too scared for their life to fight such a dangerous fight with no protection you can find a peasant or two to lend you their scythes, whilst wearing full plate armor!

Competitive stoning

The third fight shall be fought with stones,three sets of stones to be exact (since we are sadly unable to get our hands on manure the bots use), the stoning is to continue until one of the sides perishes, which means you may use the ammo box and pick up the stones from the ground.

Cutting knife duel

This duel will most likely be finished in mere seconds after the first blow lands, for fighting with the cutting knife is as easy as madly mashing the attack button, once again if you are scared for your wellbeing you may want to wear full plate armor and have some peasant provide you with the knifes.

Javelin throwing competition

The fifth competition is javelin throwing with the target being your opponent. The javelins can be replaced with anything throwable: knifes, maulets, axes, preferably something capable of killing in one hit on a nude body (nude meaning non-armored), or else you will get the same thing as the stoning, oh and no armor on this one!

Lethal training

This is more of an endurance test, since the training swords we will be using make the fight drag on for very long, throw in the full plate armor, a worthy opponent and you have a few minutes worth of intence sword fight! And if your opponent drops their sword as a result of exaustion, allow him to pick it up, trust me an unarmed foe is more danerous than one armed with a training sword.

Competitive fisting (Pugilism)

The last competition is one of pure might: no weapons, (preferably) no armor, only you, your foe and your fists and possibly legs, but if you dare use your filthy legs in combination with such fine art as pugilism, you shall be considerd a criminal and an enemy to humanity itself, unless you call it MMA.

Post Scriptum

We are expecting your feedback and please remember that what we give here are recommendations and not strict rules, you can change the number of rounds in each competition, you can even play it as a team vs team (or a team vs an unlucky bastard), we created this guide to show how greate of a competetive game Mordhau can be (not to say it isn’t a greate game as is!) and to give you, other players, some ideas on what to do if you are tired of cutting up random guys in deathmatches, oh and thanks for finding some time to waste on this ungodly creation of two questionably sane guys.

This is the ending of Mordhau Best of 7 Tournaments – Mordhau Heptathlon guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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