Monster Hunter World: Mushroomancer Basic Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter World game guide focuses on basic tips and tricks about items and gameplay for Mushroomancer in Iceborne DLC. Mushroomancer is a Skill in Monster Hunter World (MHW). The guide will give you basic tips and tricks. We hope that this guide will help you.

Item Loadout

Speaking of variation, your item loadout can go through a lot of iterations before you find what you like. This is just what I like and can recommend you bring to your hunts for a general catch-all loadout.

Always bring Mega Potions! Extra healing never hurt nobody, and it especially won’t hurt you. Mega Potions are just a staple of anyone’s item pouch because it heals for a lot of HP very efficiently, and Speed Eating 3 lets you chug one of these down so fast it’s near-instant. Your friends won’t feel the same speed, but it’s still a decent health regen effect.

Every mushroom is essential, except for Exciteshroom. I just like bringing Exciteshrooms because it finishes the set, and for those very fringe cases where you run out of healing for yourself and you’re the only thing keeping yourself from the Quest Failed screen. An Exciteshroom Max Potion could save your ♥♥♥. Also you need them for Farcasters,

Mushrooms can’t cure all things, but Nulberries and Antidotes definitely bring that home. Energy Drinks also stave off the sleep effect for monsters like Nightshade Paolumu and Radobaan.

You definitely don’t need to bring Hot Drinks and Cool Drinks to every hunt, but as this is just a lazy catch-all loadout, you’re free to fix it however you wish.

Flash Pods to interrupt monsters, Dung Pods to keep other monsters out of your business so you don’t have to heal for three monster beatings at once.

There’s no reason to not capture a monster nowadays unless they’re an Elder Dragon, so always keep a Shock Trap and Tranq Bombs with you.

Mega Barrel Bombs to place on sleeping monsters if you or someone brings a sleep weapon. Use Devil’s Blight and Large Barrel Bombs to craft more Mega Barrel Bombs in the field.

Power/Armor Charms/Talons just to get a small amount of damage and defense into your build, you’ll need as much as you can get here.

Of course, if you like, you can bring Demon Powders, Might Seeds, and Might Pills with all the extra Might Seeds you’re saving to help your group output even more damage, but unless you’re doing 20 Minute Investigations, I don’t see a need.

Gameplay Tips

Free Meal Secret makes it so the chances of actually consuming an item are very low. You’d actually have to try to burn through a stack of your consumables in order to actually do so. Be as liberal as you want to with item usage. If you can queue a heal or cleanse a blight faster than other hunters can react, then by all means keep clearing their statuses and keep their health high so they can keep putting out more damage. Same goes for healing and cleansing yourself even though everyone else doesn’t need it. Take care of yourself first before other people, don’t be a martyr.

That being said, keep an eye on everyone’s health bars, including your own. Any debuffs your squad might have show up separately from the rotating queue of buffs that they do have so you should be able to drop Antidotes and Nulberries on them at a moment’s notice. Say for example you’re fighting Acidic Glavenus, you can remove the Defense Down effect from the people that get hit by it by reapplying your Parashroom armor buff.

You can see when you need to reapply buffs from Devil’s Blight, Toadstools and Hot/Cool Drinks by looking at your own health bar and seeing if they’re missing. As long as everyone is in the same zone as you, everyone should get the buffs when you reapply it to yourself.

Rearrange your Item Bar. I can’t tell you enough how helpful this was to me, and for an item-centric playstyle it’s going to be a lifesaver for you. Open your Item Pouch from your start menu and Rearrange your loadout. You can even hide some more useless items like the BBQ Spit, Fishing Rod, and Camera to save a couple rotations through your item pouch. How you do it is up to preference but as a general rule of thumb, keep similar items together. Same goes for your Radial Menu if you like to use it.

Use the Clutch Claw to tenderize easy to access spots on the monster if you’re struggling to hit weakpoints. Especially on a shorter range weapon like Sword & Shield, maybe the only part of a huge monster you can hit safely are the legs (or back legs, when applicable). Using the Clutch Claw, assisted by mantles to prevent getting immediately knocked off like Temporal Mantle or Rocksteady Mantle, you can use Claw Attacks to easily tenderize spots and hack away at them uninterrupted. You might just make the lives of your other hunters easier as well, if they notice.

This is the ending of Monster Hunter World: Mushroomancer Basic Tips and Tricks guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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