MISTOVER Goddess of Wealth Boss Guide – How to Eliminate

MISTOVER  game guide focuses on how to fight and eliminate the Goddess of Wealth boss. This guide is also a walkthrough for the trophy of “Eliminated the Goddess of Wealth” which is also called the boss of the Cathedral Ruins. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Goddess of Wealth Boss

Boss Attacks

Goddess of Wealth + 3 Goats (Tentacle Monsters from regular Encounters)

Untouchable Evil – Targets Self, Boss gains 27% Reflection for 3 Turns

Dimensional Crack – Targets 1 Party Member for Damage, Boss gains Weakness RES 100% 2 Turn

Suffocating Cloud – Targets a Cross with one of your Party Members as Center, does Damage and inflicts Bleed for 3 Turns

Unfulfilling Meal – Targets 1 Party Member, Does Damage and Heals the Boss for a portion of damage dealt. Will use this skill exclusively if HP is below a certain threshold.

Bereft Mother’s Wrath – Targets All Party Members, does Massive Damage and Bleed for 3 Turns. Will use this skill only if all three Goats are dead, and will only use this skill if they are dead. Takes priority over Unfulfilling Meal if both conditions are met.

Notes and Recommendations

Kill 2 of the 3 Goats, do not kill the last Goat or else the boss will only use the party nuke which you cannot survive. (600+ Damage to all targets +3 Turns of Bleed)

Because the Goats have an AoE Stun attack, you want to keep the third one at low HP so it uses Cannibalise, which is a Single Target damage skill which heals the Goat. As long as its HP is low enough to trigger that attack, you won’t have to deal with moves/Stuns from the Goat. However, unlike the Great Koschei, the Goddess will NOT spawn new Goats even if you kill the first two.

Single Target Damage is much more valuable than AoE in this fight, because you don’t want to kill all the Goats. Also, when the Goddess is below a certain HP, she will only use the Unfulfilling Meal, which is relatively low damage versus her other skills. Once you reach that point the fight becomes much easier to manage.

Recommended Bonus Stats:

  • EVA
  • Bleed RES
  • Stun RES (More useful early in the fight versus later)

Recommended Classes:

  • Brand Classes (Ronin + Werewolf to burst the first 2 Goats and Boss HP to Unfulfilling Meal)
  • Priest – To cure Bleeds
  • Onmiyouji – To deal with Stuns, if you want to try to ignore the Goats you’ll need an Onmi.

This is the ending of MISTOVER Goddess of Wealth guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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