Ministry of Broadcast Achievements Guide

Ministry of Broadcast game guide focuses on achievements list. The guide will give you a chart for all achievements with their description. Later soon, the guide and walkthrough to collect them will be added. We hope that this guide will help you.

Achievements List

NameDescriptionGame Score
EPISODE 1 – THE ONE WITH THE HANDComplete Day 1 of The Wall Show.10
EPISODE 2 – THE ONE WITH THE ZEPPELINComplete Day 2 of The Wall Show.10
EPISODE 3 – THE ONE WHERE A CROW TAKES YOU AWAYComplete Day 3 of The Wall Show.10
EPISODE 4 – THE ONE WITH A BOMBComplete Day 4 of The Wall Show.10
FIRED ON THE FIRST DAYReject the final offer.10
MAN VS WILD – 0:1Choose your own path.10
(Secret Achv.)
Good afternoon, good evening, and good night! You made your way out!10
EXCUSE ME, A DAMN FINE CUP OF COFFEE IS RUINEDRuin the coffee break for a scientist.10
BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED ORDERUse your first civilian to make a bridge.10
HASTA LA VISTA, BABYDie in the fire pit but stay cool.10
A RADICAL RATFind the turtle gang.10
SHOCKING NEWSDie a secret death by electrocution in the zeppelin hangar.10
HINDENBURG ACCIDENTDie a secret death being pierced on the zeppelin top.10
RUN ORANGE RUNSurvive the entire radiation room during Day 2 without dying.10
KEEPING UP WITH THE CROWDARSHIANFollow the Crow’s guidance in the dark room of your dream without dying.10
NO PRISON BREAKDie a secret death by being stuck in the hole under the elevator.10
ORANGE IS THE NEW SNACKBecome a snack for Frank.10
TEAM ZISSOUClog all 3 valves using 3 civilians during the Day 3 of the Wall Show.10
RUN. DIE. REPEAT.Survive the entirety of Day 4, on Insane difficulty, without dying. Not even once!10
DEADLIEST CATCHFeed piranhas with a civilian during the Day 5 of the Wall Show.10
NO RAM CAN PUSH METraverse the entire cliffside without being pushed by a ram.10
HELL’S KITCHENBurn 3 or more than three civilians during Day 5 of The Wall Show.10
UNDERCOOKEDBurn no one during the Day 5 of the Wall Show.10
FAMILY LEARNING CHANNELDiscover and listen to all the mural stories during Day 3 of The Wall Show.10
NOT SO BAREFOOT AND AFRAIDTry out at least 12 boots and find your missing pair.10
SHOEMACHERTry out all the boots in the game.10


A country divided by The Wall. To cross it and reach your family, you must compete on – and win – a reality TV show broadcast by the Regime.

Ministry of Broadcast is a narrative-driven single player cinematic platformer mixing Orwell’s 1984 with modern reality TV. Rife with dark humor, sarcastic quips, and a general absurdity of the system.

Seemingly built overnight, The Wall has divided both a country in two and a man from his family. To see them again, our ginger-haired protagonist has decided to become a contestant on “The Wall Show”, a Regime-organized TV show allowing competitors the opportunity to escape to freedom on the other side. However, as he progresses through the camp, our contestant soon realizes exactly how the Regime and the show operate. The promise of freedom is not exactly what it seems.

Inspired by games such as Prince of Persia (1989) and Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, Ministry of Broadcast revives the spirit of classic cinematic platformers where players need nimble run-and-jump reflexes as well as a healthy aversion to falling from precarious heights. To reach freedom and family, you must lead the protagonist through each of the Arenas while under the ever-watchful mechanical eye of the Regime.

The variety of hazardous, dilapidated environments hold an array of obstacles for you to manage—leg-shattering drops (scared of heights?), flaming barrels of garbage (extra-smelly, extra-flamey), inconveniently-placed spike pits (of course), hanging steel beams (so much rust)—but none of this is to speak of the fates of those you meet along the way.


  • Cinematic platformer: Run, jump, crash, and climb your way through each Arena as the narrative unfolds around you. Much of the story is unveiled via smoothly integrated animation sequences, within the environment, or from NPCs muttering bits of dialogue as you dive and dodge around them.
  • Environmental HUD: Rather than having a screen cluttered with overlaid indicators, HP bars, and minimaps, any information the player will need is incorporated into the environment. Hints and clues are meshed into the game’s art, subtle and specific, players will need a keen eye if they want to survive each Arena without breaking their legs.
  • Puzzle-solving: Use your wits, and at times a dash of ruthlessness, to advance through the Arenas. You’ll have to interact with the environment itself to solve most of the puzzles: use the protagonist’s momentum to move platforms, flip the occasional lever, and sometimes you might have to sacrifice an NPC or two to cross a particularly spiky pit.
  • Story and Personality: Featuring lots of impish humor, Grade A sarcasm, and comic mischief, all balanced perfectly with the dark, heavy themes presented in this dystopian world.

This is the ending of Ministry of Broadcast Achievements Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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