Meta Revelations – Ring Spirits Walkthrough Guide

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Meta Revelations – Ring Spirits Walkthrough

Prologue – The New World

Items: Antidote, Stretchy Wing, Blue Gel, Wind Tonic, 5 Kina, Potion, Ruffled Feather, 100 Kina, Medium Red Potion

Even NPC can be enemies (especially those who look away). You refresh 30 SP each turn. Save often (at least before each chest). Emenies respawn really fast. EXP us distributed to all party members – so fewer members = more EXP.

Near the cave is a healing station. In the cave waits the boss.

Boss Nether Shadow Captain: Weak to Silence. Mark should focus on healing, the others attack with Shiro/Light.

Elvenbow Outerealms

Once Ruth is alone, she is attacked by 2 Nightwingers and an Invader. All are weak to water.
Grifferions are tough and best dealt with floods.

Items: Tiny Red Potion

Boss Phinaxio: Cast Water Shredder, heal when necessary and cast God’s Regeneration when your SP is low.

Enter the chamber.

Boss Megolem: weak to fire.

Touch the well.

Chapter 1 – The Broken Birdcage

Riley’s Tent Area and Kentauros Grass Valley

Items: Tiny Red Potion, Dead Grass x3

Talk to Erith. Grind a bit and rest in your tent. To the east is the village Hamlet of Kent.

Hamlet of Kent

Items: 5 White Feathers (Meiko), Cluckatrice Nail (barrel behind mill), The Nova Principle Issue #1

Sylvia need “Dead Grass” for her horses (sidequest), you need 3x Dead Grass.

Flame Guild Hall

Give Wendy 1 Remander Claw for an Iron Chainsuit (once). At the wall you can get free starting weapons.

You can read at every bookshelf and more.

Once you are ready, head west.

Defeat the Remander. Talk to Marcia and get rid of the weeds to the south.


To the north meet Karen and start the Dragofled Sidequest.

To the west are a recovery crystal and a vendor. That is great chance to upgrade your equipment and gain some levels.

To the far south you can fight a Bluemander. You need to hit it with your Savage Strike to hurt and defeat it. You will reach another way back up the mountain (or you talk to Esmerala). Return to the Knight Ries to obtain a Jewellery Box.

When you are ready, jump down the path with the green arrows and talk to Zephyr. In the hut you can find 300 Kina.

Hamlet of Kent

Items: Pheonix Pinion (Robert), Coffer Key (bookshelf), Long Sword (needs Coffer Key)

Enter the Tavern and talk to all (last to the NPC with purple hair), then look for Zephyr. As you can’t find him anywhere, return to your tent and rest. Zephyr joins the party.
Hurry to the south and find the cave entrance.

At the crossing you can listen to a song if you like.

Dampen Cave


Items: Battle Cloak, Iron Bastion (behind Scorpion), 5 Tiny Red Potions

There is a healing font.

There is a Hexed Scorpion in the deeper cave, tough foes, but it drops a Wooden Helmet. You can’t further in yet.


Just cross.

Cliff Basement

Beware the healing crystal and go further.

Boss Shaena: Don’t use Fire! Heal with Tiny Red Potions when necessary. Drops the Ruby Ring.

Tay joins the party.


Notice Lord Farthing mumbling about the cave in.

Go back to Riley’s Tent Area.
After the crossing, talk to Tay and Zephyr.

Hamlet of Kent

Items: 1000 Kina (toilet), Pheonix Pinion (Robert),

Watch the scene.
You can read new lore at the tavern and talk to Erith.
Follow Tay into the mansion and talk to her (answer yes).
Last chance to finish the Dead Grass Sidequest and get all items!

You will find Zephyr south of the crossroads.

Boss Cyber Mercenary Alpha: You only fight with Riley and Tay. Weak to Silence. Normal attacks won’t damage, stick to skills. Careful, can hit a character 4 times. Drops Metal Shell.

Zephyr rejoins the party. Heal near the merchant.


The cave in is removed.


Save at a different slot.

Hamlet of Kent

Defeat the robots. They are weak to silence and paralyze.
The Crusader Bryant will heal you once you have helped thim.

After the 2 robots you are healed for the next battles.

Boss Cyber Mercenary Fire Captain: Avoid Fire skills. When Riley has already learnt Demonic Blade, use it.

Boss Death Shadow: Demonic Blade as often as possible. Avoid Noir/dark damage. Try to afflict status ailments.

Boss Dark Seed: Heed Zephyr’s advice and wait for the right time to attack. Defeat the Nightmare Ghosts and attack parallel the Seed with Demonic Blade. Silence/stun the Seed (or feel the consequences)! Careful when the seed reforms the ghosts. Cast Ember Rain then.

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