Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Bosses Guide

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection game guide focuses on Bosses Guide. The following guide will showcase the weaknesses of Sub-Bosses and Bosses in MMZ1-4. We hope that this guide will help you.

As stated, this guide will showcase the weaknesses of all bosses in Mega Man Zero 1-4, which include Mutos Reploids(Mavericks of the Zero series), sub-bosses and bosses.

Rock Man Zero 1/Mega Man Zero 1: Boss Weaknesses

NOTE: Since you can choose the order of the missions in any way that you’d want to, there won’t be any boss/mission order per se. There is just list the bosses + sub-bosses, the missions in which they appear, their weaknesses and what they give:


BossMission/LevelE-Chip WeaknessGives You
GolemIntro Stage(Underground Laboratory)N/A; Z-Saber (In the head)Z-Saber
Aztec FalconRescue Reploids(Disposal Center)Ice ChipThunder Chip
Pantheon Core/Train Engine CoreDestroy Train(Subway)Thunder ChipCyber Elf
Maha GaneshariffRetrieve Data (Underground Laboratory)Thunder ChipCyber Elf + Triple Rod
Guard OroticOccupy Factory(Subway)N/AFlame Chip
Anubis Necromancess IIIFind Shuttle(Desert)Flame ChipCyber-Elf
Blizzard StaggroffFind Hidden Base(Desert)Flame ChipIce Chip
Sage HarpuiaRescue Colbor (Subway)Ice ChipCyber Elf
Fighting FefnirDuel in Desert (Desert)Thunder ChipCyber Elf
Hidden PhantomProtect Factory (Subway)N/ACyber Elf
Fairy LeviathanStop the Hacking (Desert)Flame ChipCyber Elf
Hittite HottaidGiant Mechaniloid InvasionN/AN/A
HanumachineDefend The Base/Resistance Base Perseverance(Resistance Base)Thunder ChipCyber Elf
Asura BasuraNeo Arcadia ShrineThunder ChipN/A
Herculious AnchortusNeo Arcadia ShrineIce ChipCyber Elf
Rainbow DevilNeo Arcadia TowerN/ACyber Elf
Copy X (1st Phase)Neo Arcadia CoreVariesN/A
Copy X (2nd Phase)Neo Arcadia CoreIce ChipCyber Elf

Not sure, if they can be considered Sub-Bosses. The game treats them as bosses, but they don’t have health bars, so, I’ll treat them as sub-bosses


BossMission/LevelWeak Against
MetarookDestroy Train(Subway)N/A
Pantheon AceNeo Arcadia ShrineN/A

*Recommended weapon doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best weapon for that boss/sub-boss. You can beat Fairy Leviathan, for example, with Z-Buster. Z-Saber is a better option though, as it can slIce through her and her attacks rather quickly

Rock Man Zero 2/Mega Man Zero 2: Boss Weaknesses

From what I recall, the same thing about order applies to Zero 2(Have to replay Zero 2 to see if it’s true), so, again: I’ll just list the bosses + sub-bosses, the missions in which they appear, their weaknesses and what they give:

NOTE: EX Skills are unlocked by earning an A or S Rank in the stage


BossMission/LevelE-Chip WeaknessGives You
Mecha ScorpiaIntro Stage (Sand Wilderness)N/AN/A
Hyleg OurobockleRescue Reploids (Forest of Dysis)N/ALaser Shot (EX Skill)
Poler KamrousDestroy Computer (Computer Zone)Flame ChipIce Chip + Triple Shot (EX Skill)
Panter FlauclawsRob Goods (Supply Train)Ice ChipThunder Chip + Spark Shot (EX Skill)
Phoenix MagnionDestroy Power Reactors (Power Room)Thunder ChipFlame Chip + Tenshouzan (EX Skill)
GolemsResidential AreaGolem E – Ice; Golem F – Thunder; Golem I – FlameN/A
Kuwagust AnchusN/AIce ChipSengatotsu (EX Skill)
Burble HekelotChase Elpizo (Forest of Notus)N/AEnergy Chain (EX Skill)
Sage HarpuiaChase Elpizo (Crystal Cave)Ice ChipKougenjin (EX Skill)
Fighting FefnirChase Elpizo (Shuttle Factory)Thunder ChipBlast Shot (EX Skill)
Fairy LeviathanChase Elpizo (Roof of Computer Zone)Flame ChipSharp Edge (EX Skill)
Rainbow Devil MK2Neo Arcadia TempleN/AFilter Shield (EX Skill)
Sage Harpuia MK2Temple of WindIce ChipN/A
Fighting Fefnir MK2Temple of FlameThunder ChipN/A
Fairy Leviathan MK2Temple of IceFlame ChipN/A
Kuwagust Anchus MK2Teleporting HatchesIce ChipN/A
Elpizo (1st Phase)YggdrasilN/AN/A
Elpizo (2nd Phase)YggdrasilN/AN/A


Golem Type EIntro Stage (Sand Wilderness)
PinofeelRescue Reploids (Forest of Dysis) + Chase Elpizo(Forest of Notus)
Golem Type IDestroy Computer (Computer Zone)
Golem Type FDestroy Power Reactors (Power Room)
GazamirDestroy Power Reactors (Power Room)

Rock Man Zero 3/Mega Man Zero 3: Boss Weaknesses

NOTE: EX Skills are unlocked by earning an A or S Rank in the stage


BossMission/LevelE-Chip WeaknessGives You
OmegaIntro Stage (Derelict Spacecraft)N/AN/A
Blazin’ FlizardNeo Arcadia Army Recon (Aegis Volcano Base)Thunder ChipFlame Body Chip + Burst Shot (EX Skill)
Childre InarabittaTrack Dark Elf Signal (Oceanic Highway Ruins)Flame ChipIce Body Chip + Throw Blade (EX Skill)
Hellbat/Devilbat SchiltDestroy Factory (Weapons Repair Factory)Ice ChipThunder Body Chip + Saber Smash (EX Skill)
Deathtanz MantiskFind Dark Elf (Old Residential)N/ALight Body Chip + 1000 Slash (EX Skill)
Crea and PleaMissile FactoryN/AN/A
Anubis Necromancess VEngage Neo Arcadian Army (Twilight Desert)Ice ChipShield Sweep (EX Skill)
Hanumachine REngage Neo Arcadian Army (Forest of Anatre)Thunder ChipSplit Heavens (EX Skill)
Blizzard Staggroff REngage Neo Arcadian Army (Frontline Ice Base)Flame ChipBlizzard Arrow (EX Skill)
Copy X Mk IIInfiltrate Neo Arcadia (Area X-2)N/AQuick Foot Chip + Reflect Laser (EX Skill)
Cubit FoxtarSearch Facility (Energy Facility)Thunder ChipDouble Jump Foot Chip + Soul Launcher (EX Skill)
Glacier le CactankRetrieve Data (Snowy Plains)Flame ChipSpike Foot Chip + Orbit Shield (EX Skill)
Volteel BiblioRetrieve Data File (Sunken Library)Ice ChipShadow Dash Foot Chip + V-Shot (EX Skill)
Tretista KelverianSearch Facility (Giant Elevator)N/AAbsorber Body Chip + Gale Attack (EX Skill)
Hidden Phantom(Optional)Sub ArcadiaN/AUltima Foot Chip
Crea and Plea (2nd Encounter)Sub ArcadiaN/AUltima Foot Chip
Dark Elf Omega (1st Phase)Final MissionN/AN/A
Fusion Omega (2nd Phase)Final MissionN/AN/A
Omega Zero (3rd Phase)Final MissionN/AN/A


CrossbyneNeo Arcadian Army Recon (Aegis Volcano Base) and Search Facility (Energy Facility)Z-Saber
Modified Pantheon AquaTrack Dark Elf Signal (Oceanic Highway Ruins)Burst Shot, Buster Shot(Charged), Z-Saber(Charged), Recoil Rod(Charged)
Bee Server and MellnetsDestroy Factory (Weapons Repair Factory)Orbit Shield/Blizzard Arrow (Bee Server); Anything, lol (Mellnets)
MegamilpaFind Dark Elf (Old Residential)Shield Boomerang, Orbit Shield and Saber Smash
Or WormerEngage Neo Arcadian Army (Twilight Desert)Z-Saber / N/A
Locomo IFSearch Facility (Energy Facility)N/A
Blanc WormerRetrieve Data (Snowy Plains)Z-Saber
SpearookSearch Facility (Giant Elevator)Ice Buster Shot(Charged)

Rock Man Zero 4/Mega Man Zero 4: Boss Weaknesses

Suggested Order (according to StrategyWiki to minimize backtracking):

Noble Mandrago -> Heat Genblem -> Popla Cocapetri -> Fenri Lunaedge -> Mino Magnus -> Sol Titanion -> Tech Kraken -> Pegasolta Eclair

NOTE: Requirements to unlock EX Skills have changed:

Burning Shot, Time Stopper, Flame Fang, Shy Chaser are unlocked by defeating the boss in a sunny weather

Tractor Shot is unlocked by defeating the boss in a stormy weather

Ice Blade is unlocked by defeating the boss in a snowy weather

Thunder Stab is unlocked by defeating the boss in a cloudy weather

Ice Javelin is unlocked by defeating the boss with an A/S Rank


BossMission/LevelE-Chip WeaknessGives You
SubDesert CoreIntro StageN/A; Charged Z-SaberN/A
Carnage Force 0Area ZeroN/AN/A
Sol TitanionHalt the Sun (Artificial Sun)Thunder ChipBurning Shot (EX Skill)
Tech KrakenStop the Drill Sub (Deep Sea)Flame ChipIce Javelin (EX Skill)
Pegasolta EclairStop the Acid Rain (Hanging Gardens)Ice ChipThunder Stab (EX Skill)
Fenri LunaedgeDestroy the Enemy (Hibernation Chamber)Flame ChipIce Blade (EX Skill)
Popla CocapetriLiving CityN/ATime Stopper (EX Skill)
Mino MagnusHalt the Factory (Magnetic Zone)Ice ChipTractor Shot (EX Skill)
Heat GenblemCut the Power (Particle Beam)Thunder ChipFlame Fang (EX Skill)
Noble MandragoStop the Erosion (Underground Forest)N/ASky Chaser (EX Skill)
CraftN/A + Ragnarok Control RoomSky Chaser/Thunder StabN/A
Hell the GiantSave Neige (The Prison)N/AN/A
Randam BandamTeleporter BaseTractor ShotN/A
CyballTeleporter CircuitN/AN/A
Dr. Weil (1st Phase)Ragnarok CoreN/AN/A
Dr. Weil (2nd Phase)Ragnarok CoreBurning ShotN/A


Tyrine and the Eight GlassCannonsHalt the Sun (Artificial Sun)Z-Saber(Charged)/Tractor Shot (Tyrine); Tractor Shot/Z-Saber(Charged)/Ice Javelin/Burning Shot(GlassCannons)
Spy Larue FCut the Power (Particle Beam)Z-Saber(Charged)/Buster Shot(Charged)
Fire RenantStop The Erosion (Underground Forest)Z-Saber(Charged)/Flame Fang/Ice Blade/Sky Chaser

This is the ending of Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Bosses Guide guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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