Mars Underground Walkthrough – Opening Up The Game World


Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to explain Opening Up The Game World  Walkthrough in the Mars Underground game. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Opening Up The Game World

Your Sister is Annoying
* Return home while it is empty (after “late morning” but before “early night.”)
* Go into Helga’s room and take her diary.
You can now show the diary to Helga while you are at school and she will go home and leave you alone.
Note: If you show the diary to Helga at home during “morning” it will be taken off you.

Stay Home
You will need several items of food from Meaty Bites. You can go there (the shop is in Phobos Central) and buy some or alternatively find some at school.
* Sleep in.
* At home during “morning” keep eating Meaty Bites food until you throw up.

Wake Up Early
You will need to have completed “Stay Home” to be able to get to the Dwarf Mart before the coffee machine is broken.
* Go to the Dwarf Mart at Pac Street before midday.
* Use the coffee machine and buy a cup of coffee ($3).
You can now drink some coffee at the start of each day to get up during “early morning.”

Mum’s Car
You will need to have completed “Wake Up Early” and have the cup of coffee.
* Return home while it is empty (after “late morning” but before “early night.”)
* Go into your mum’s room and take her car keys.
* Go to the Library at Phobos Central while it is open (“late morning” to “late afternoon.”)
* Search the shelves until you find the “how to drive” book.
* Reset the timeloop by taking your medication.
* Drink some coffee to wake up.
* Leave your house and go to the car in the driveway.
* Use the car keys and the “how to drive” book.

Flush Yourself
You will need to have completed “Mum’s Car.”
* During “afternoon” go out into the courtyard at school. You will see Nikki, Shorty Jr and Jimmy. Approach them.
* After the scene ends Nikki will hand you the “helmet of protection.”
Alternatively, go to the the school at any time from “late afternoon” or later and you will find the “helmet of protection” out the front.

* Drive to Ptolemy Park.
* Wait at the seat until “early afternoon.”
* Wear the “helmet of protection.”
* Enter the park. Go to the strength test machine.
* Try the game, you will not be able to win but you will gain the topic “strength tester.”

* Go to school, go to your gym class during “early afternoon.”
* If you haven’t eaten breakfast today do so now.
* Finish the class, you will unlock the topic “Joan: the fittest and strongest.”

* Talk to Joan. She is in the gym at school during “early afternoon” and “afternoon.” She can also be found running laps at Phobos Central during “late afternoon,” “early night” and “night.”
* Tell her about the “strength tester.” She will travel to Ptolemy Park, win the “golden toilet brush” and give it to you.

* Use the “golden toilet brush” to clean the toilets around the game world. You can flush yourself directly between cleaned toilets. The magical cleaning is so good that the effect lasts through time and space (cleaned toilets remain cleaned after resetting the day.)
Toilets can be found at: 109 Pac Street (Home), 113 Pac Street, 114 Pac Street, Phobos High, Ptolemy Park, Police Station, Boom Hole.

This the ending of the guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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