Lobotomy Corporation How to Kite Enemy (Tips & Tricks)

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. Lobotomy Corporation game guide focuses on How to Kite Enemy tips and tricks. This guide will give you basic tips, tricks, and advice on general Lobotomy Corporation game’s basic guide and how to Kite Enemy. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Lobotomy Corporation Basics

The first rules.

1) You will have a lot of departments, and of course, many anomalies, I advise you to throw many (5) employees in each department almost immediately, in order to compensate for the wounded / killed / exhausted (mentally) employees.

2) In 1 department always send people with 1 level. As soon as they raise their level, throw them to other departments more difficult. Keeping employees above level 1 in department 1 is not the best idea.

3) If any SCP has escaped, wait until it reaches the staff rest room, i.e. where all the staff are standing. (The exception is the Burning Girl, or the Match Girl, as I call her. It is best to throw everyone at once.)

4) If any SCP escapes, send ALL employees from ALL posts to his capture. Do not underestimate the anomalies, one TETH can kill 3-4 people 1 LVL.

5) Try not to listen to Angela and save staff. Better 1 employee level 2 than 2 employee 1st.


1) I can’t tell you all about anomalies, because it will not be interesting, if you have big problems, then contact the wiki.

2) To all new SCPs, throw employees above level 3 (or the highest level)

3) Act with logic, listen to Angela’s words, and read the description of the object. It will definitely help you.

4) If the anomaly is very complicated, do not send employees to it, then no one will die, and the anomaly will not run away.

5) Do not equip the entire department with the same clothes and weapons. Against each SCP are different weapons and clothing.

6) If you are in a critical situation, be aware that the SCPs can often attack each other – use this to restore their wards to you.

Weapons and clothing.

1) Different monsters are susceptible to different types of attacks, also different monsters attack differently. Use it, equipping the researchers.

2) This game is not a shooter, so very often damage means nothing. Think with your head, and look at vulnerabilities.

3) There are different types of weapons: Melee, ranged, fast beating, slow beating, calming employees and killing everything in their path. Best of all when you have every weapon of every type.

4) Clothing does not always help …

How to kite an enemy.

If an abnormality escapes, try and pay attention to is attack methods, some abnormalities may utilize an area of effect attack or a physical attack that requires direct contact with an agent or clerk, if its the latter, you can avoid damage entirely.

If you pause at the beginning of the abnormalities attack, select its intended target, assuming its a controllable agent, and tell them to move to another room

If done at just the right time, the attack won’t connect with the agent, the direction you send the agent does not matter

But if you plan to make the agent move OVER the abnormality instead of AWAY from it, you may need to practice your timing. ALSO, abuse elevators, agents dont have hitboxes while traversing an elevator up or down, use this to avoid any attacks the cross the entire facility, such as a lazer beam, or an evil train, or a CERTAIN MAGICAL GIRL. Good luck, Kether.

This is the ending of Lobotomy Corporation How to Kite Enemy (Tips & Tricks) guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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