Little Big Workshop How to Manage Energy Gain and Drain Guide

Little Big Workshop game guide focuses on how to manage worker’s energy gain and drain guide. If you want to avoid workers falling sleep on the ground and don’t know how to isn’t regenerate break room to fill workes energy, the guide will give you basic tips and tricks to manage energy gain and drain. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

How to Manage Energy Gain and Drain

Seeing energy gain/drain: UI settings

In order to track your energy gain/drain you need to activate the “Room effect lens” in the top right corner:

This enables you to see both break room and workroom effect on energy.

Energy gain: Breakrooms

Your breakrooms are where your workers will regain their energy.

There are two categories of breakroom items, generation and capacity:

Capacity is the maximum values of cups in your breakroom.

Recovery is how fast those cups fill.

The capacity of each breakroom is capped, so you will not need many capacity items for one breakroom. You can however benefit by adding a lot of recovery items.

In the example below, I’ve added a “Vendotron” and a “Coffee maker”. They both contribute to capacity to a total of 7. The total capacity of any break room is 10.

What you can do to increase the quality of your break rooms is to increase recovery. As you can see, the “Vendotron” and the “Coffee maker” also contribute to recovery but there are many more items you can add to increase the recovery. If you add two duplicate items in a room, the second item will have decreased values but will still contribute to the total:

As your factory grows, you want to build several break rooms with a lot of recovery items in each. You will also unlock more breakroom items as you level up:

Energy drain: Workrooms

All workbenches and machines have a negative mood effect called “noise”:

When you place a workbench in a room, this affects the room status. A single assembly machine has a small negative effect:

When you start adding more and noisier machines, the mood drain will be more severe:

A negative Mood will drain more energy from your workers so you need to make sure to counter the negative effect caused by “noise” by adding decorations.

Energy drain: Countering with decorations

To decrease the energy drain your workers experience, you need to make sure that all rooms have a high Mood effect.

You do this by adding decorations. All decorations have a positive effect on “comfort” that helps increase the room mood.


The machine “noise” value minus the decoration “comfort” value gives the room total Mood value. You want to keep the Mood high so that less energy is drained from your workers.

More decorations means a higher mood effect. If you add two duplicate items in a room, the second item will have decreased values but will still contribute to the total.

You will unlock more decoration items as you level up.

You will also receive trophies that can be used as decoration, which have a high effect on room Mood when combined with other decorative items.

Energy drain: Building room size

Room size will affect the room negatively. Large rooms means a worse Mood effect.

I did some testing (2019-10-19) and room sizes seems to be the following:

  • Normal room: 110 square meters and below
  • Large room: Between 110 square meters and 163 square meters
  • Huge room: 164 square meters and above

See screenshots below and note the color differences from the “Room effect lens”:

A normal room have no negative mood effects:

A large room has -25 mood effect:

A huge room has -50 mood effect:

When building, make sure to have the “Room effect lens” on (as described in the beginning of this guide). This will help you a lot! You will see by color if your room will have a negative effect.

When building new rooms:

When placing walls in an existing building:

In-game help

If you want to read more about energy gain/drain, some information is listed in the game help section.

For break rooms, see sections “Factory Layout/Break Rooms”:

For room effect, see section “Workers/Room effect”:

This is the ending of Little Big Workshop How to Manage Energy Gain and Drain Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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