Life is Strange 2 – Episode 2 All Collectible Items (Souvenirs)

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Episode 2 All Collectible Items (Souvenirs)

1. Metal Box

  • Can be found at the very beginning of this episode.
  • When Sean and Daniel walk up to an abandoned house near the river, walk past the two-headed snowman and walk up to the huge tree.
  • There will be a metal box on it.
  • Click on the “Look button, and then activate the interaction with Daniel (the phrase is highlighted in blue).
  • He will help you reach for a souvenir and get it.


2. Sign

You must perform a number of specific actions:

  • After breakfast in the kitchen with Claire, go up to the second floor and walk up to the railway layout.
  • Once you have gained control of it, you need to look at the switch and click “Set to right.”
  • Wait for the moment when the train passes the Coaling Station (a small sublime wooden building) and click “Prepare refill”.
  • After the train went through the station, you need to look at the switch again and click “Set to forward”. This will allow the train to go through the tunnel at the end of the layout.
  • When the train passes through it, a noise will be heard inside the tunnel and this will also be noticed by Sean.
  • After the train leaves the tunnel, wait until the train passes one more lap and for the third lap you need to interact with the station (not the Coaling Station) in the left corner of the layout.
  • Click on the “Make train stop” button. As soon as the train stopped, press the “Check” button and you will receive a souvenir in the form of a sign.

3. Beer cap

  • It can be obtained when Sean will look for his younger brother at Chris’s house from The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit (in other words, at neighbors’ house).
  • Do not go straight into the house, but go around it and go to the backyard.
  • There will be a snowman waiting for you.
  • Interact with him, you will see a beer cap which plays role of snowman’s eye.
  • “Pick up” button will appear on it and pick up it

4. Spaceship

  • Get the fourth souvenir in the Erirkson`s house.
  • As soon as you enter the house through the main entrance, you can watch the scene of Daniel using his superpowers.
  • Chat with Chris and your conversation will end at Chris’s request to distinguish the heroes from the villains.
  • You need to be extremely accurate and place the figures in the correct order.
  • Heroes – warrior, pirate, dino, bear. Villains – machine, insectoid.
  • After placing the figures in the correct order, Chris will reward you with his spaceship. The fourth souvenir received.

5. Guitar pick

It is available at the Christmas market. Your goal at this market is to buy a present for Daniel.

  • Before you do this, turn right and you will notice a girl with purple hair and a guitar. Wait until the girl will start singing. If not, you need to give her money (1 dollar from your wallet).
  • Wait for the end of the song. You can wander around or listen to her next to the girl (using the “Listen” button).
  • When the song is over, go to the girl and talk to her.
  • The conversation will take about five minutes and when it ends, the girl will leave and at her place you will be able to find a guitar pick. Press “Pick up” and you will receive the fifth souvenir.

6. Bus ticket

It can be obtained after you enter Karen’s room – room of your mother.

  • Go to the CD player and look at it.
  • Try to turn it on, but Sean will notice that the player is not working.
  • Plug the CD player in the socket and try to turn it on again.
  • The CD player won`t work and this time Sean will check the cause of the malfunction and notice a bus ticket in the drive. This ticket is your sixth souvenir.

This is the ending of the guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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