Left 4 Dead Unlock Zombie Genocidest & Littlest Genocide Achievement

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Unlock Zombie Genocidest & Littlest Genocide Achievement

This achievement guide will show you how to unlock the achivements Zombie Genocidest and Littlest Genocide in no time alt all, (about 2-3 hours)


1. If you haven’t already, go ahead and open the keyboard and mouse settings, and enable developer console from there.

2. Navigate to your config files, usually at C:/Local Disk/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/left 4 dead/left4dead/cfg

2. If you have an autoexec file, then skip this step: Create a new text document, don’t bother naming it. Open the file, then click File > Save As…, and then rename it autoexec.cfg, change the .txt to all files and save. After that you can delete the old text document you’ve made.

5. In the autoexec file, paste the following in to the file:

bind \ toggleconsole alias ztimer1 “sv_cheats 1;z_add;z_add;z_add;sv_cheats 0;wait 75;ztimer2”

bind kp_home “alias ztimer2 ztimer1;ztimer1” bind kp_uparrow “alias ztimer2 stop”

and save the file.

5. Now that you’re done, open the game.


Now that you’ve launched the game, you should go into a game. Select the easy difficulty, as it does not affect the number of infected. Preferably go into crash course for the Littlest Genocide achievement, but you can choose any map for the Zombie Genocidest achievement.

When you’ve loaded in, just press the button 7 on your keypad to start spawning 3 infected per half a second. This is best combined with a minigun to shoot them as soon as they spawn. Press the 8 button on your keypad to stop.

You can always adjust the keys in which these commands are bound, and you can adjust the rate of the spawning infected. The amount of z_add corresponds the amount of zombies spawned at once, one z_add meaning one infected. The interval can be changed by adjusting the wait time, 150 being roughly one second.

Remember to check the achievement progress to see if this is working. If not, usually just restarting the game works.

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