Last Epoch FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

What business model does Last Epoch have?

Last Epoch is a Buy To Play game which will enter beta on April 30th.

Buying the game & beta access costs $35. At release the game will be $15.

Post-launch the game will be supported by purely cosmetic MTX. Devs will regularly release free content updates which bring new zones, enemies, items, features, mechanics – and more! Our content patches will be released between Cycles (think Seasons in Diablo III, or Challenge Leagues in Path of Exile).

Will you sell temporary boosters, convenience items, or become Pay To Win?

No. These are a few examples of the kinds of MTX we’ll sell;

  • A cosmetic blood-dripping effect you can apply to your character’s weapon.
  • A cosmetic pet which follows your character, but does not fight enemies.
  • An alternative appearance for the portal you use to go back to town.

When can I buy Last Epoch through Steam?

Last Epoch will be available for purchase on Steam starting April 30th.

Do I need to buy the game again to play through Steam?

No; devs are working on a system which will allow people who have previously purchased Last Epoch to link their Steam and Last Epoch accounts. This will be done on our website.

Can I later upgrade to a more expensive supporter pack?

If you e-mail¬†[email protected] devs can arrange an upgrade if the pack you purchased belongs to the current series of supporter packs.

Can I try the game for free?

When devs took Last Epoch to KickStarter last year, devs released free demos so that people could ‘try before they buy’. We’ve recently stopped distributing these as they have become very outdated, but we’re working on a new demo which devs aim to have ready to share with you next month.

Do you support Steam Play?

Devs do! If you buy the game once, you can play on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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